Efforts In Order To Prevent Shame

Question: What is the importance of making efforts in life?

Answer: Our unique, proud, egocentric nature is created in such a way, that if we receive something without efforts, without “due payment”. then we feel intolerable shame as a result. Only efforts, making suitable work, payment for what we receive can erase this shame and restore our self-esteem, wholeness.

In today’s distorted, false, artificial Human society we blurred everything, thus this sharp sense of shame is difficult to detect as everybody is stealing, taking more than one deserves without any sense of shame. But as this artificial Human bubble – that has no right to exist in nature’s fully integrated and balanced, “lawful” system – falling apart, we will return to the more direct use of our inherent Human nature. And this will bring back true emotional impressions, true “trade” in between give and take.

Thus we will not be able to avoid investing the necessary effort for everything we take, receive. Otherwise the ensuing shame will burn us.

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