Political Dead End

Question: Have you ever witnessed someone having a sudden and complete reversal of a long-held political belief?

Answer: Not really. But I have been witnessing masses of people losing faith in anything political, either not voting at all, not caring about what politicians say or do, or they vote for completely unusual, untested, unknown candidates just to go against the “establishment”.

And this is not surprising. I think in our days we have received more than enough indication, proof (US politics, the whole of the EU, Brexit…) that we have become unable to solve any problems not only through politics, but through economical, social or military measures neither.

And in truth it is not the fault of the politicians, after all they just try to do what they were trained for, with the tools, ideologies, actions that are available.

The problem is much deeper. We are failing as our whole “Human system” is built on our inherently selfish, hateful, greedy and exploitative nature. Thus the only true solution that could pull us out of the desperately helpless crisis, “death spiral” we are in, is changing our own nature.

Without an improved, upgraded Human being we will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again until we completely destroy ourselves and everything around us.

Thus we urgently need a unique, purposeful, practical educational method that can initiate and guide such unprecedented, fundamental self-changes.

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