Feeling “God” By Becoming “Godly”

Question: Why aren’t most people who are fully convinced an all-powerful and merciful Deity loves them unconditionally, more happy? I’d be beside myself with joy

Answer: I fully agree with you, after all if one senses an all-encompassing, benevolent force guiding the whole of reality, we should feel like in a mother’s womb, which is the most perfect form of existence in life: having one’s needs, desires immediately fulfilled, satisfied without even needing to ask.

But the truth is, this does not work on “blind faith” alone. We would actually need to feel that this is so. We would need to feel that we exist in a fully organized, purposeful, intelligent system, where everything that happens to us happens only to take us closer to a final, perfect, guaranteed state. Then whatever happens becomes positive, constructive, joyful – regardless of how it feels to our inherently egoistic, subjective self.

And this state is actually possible, we can study and reveal this system and the single, all-encompassing, benevolent source, life-giving force behind it. We just need the appropriate, purposeful and practical educational method in the right environment for this to unfold.

As any research, perception is based on the similarity of properties in between observer and observed – like in the case of a radio receiver for example – we will tangibly attain Nature’s single governing force when we acquire, “clothe into” its “godly qualities” of selfless, unconditional love and service of others, above and against our inherently egoistic, hateful and greedy nature.

Then our inherently egoistic, subjective nature which shows us a broken, hostile, crisis ridden world becomes “help against”, providing the contrast, negative background against which we can scientifically verify the perfection that single force provides.

Conducting this special research, justifying reality and its single governing force is our Human purpose in life.

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