Taking The Fate Of Humanity Into Our Hands

Question: Should I be excited for or scared of the future of the 21st century?

Answer: It depends only on us! We have reached the first time in Human history where we have true free choice, when we can take our fate into our own hands.

For the very first time masses of people are recognizing that the root problem for all our problems, for the recurring vicious, historic cycles, for the deepening global crisis threatening our survival is our own inherently selfish, hateful and greedy nature.

We are like a terminally ill patient who finally gets the right, correct diagnosis. And that means that the opportunity for true cure, healing has opened. It is very clear that we do not have any political, economic, social or military solutions left. They only make our crisis even worse as they are all built by the same egoistic, hateful, greedy nature.

Thus we have to change ourselves, upgrade our inherent nature with unique, unprecedented, selfless, altruistic intentions. And that requires a special, purposeful, practical educational method, which can initiate, guide such fundamental self-changes in people through positive motivation.

If at least a “critical mass” starts this education and goes through the necessary changes, they will be able to pull everybody else behind them. Then we can be excited about our immediate and long term future, as through the unique changes we will rise to a qualitatively much higher, collective – mutually responsible, mutually complementing – Human existence.

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