Learning To Ride Evolution’s Relentless Wave

Question: Why are there controversies over who really invented telephones first e.i. Meucci, Bell, Manzetti, etc.?

Answer: This story is a very good example about how we look at history and how it actually unfolds.

Driven by our inherently proud, individualistic, self-justifying nature we like to look at History as a chain of events great pioneers, explorers, investors, influential leaders shaped.

But in truth History, evolution is an “already written book”, an intelligent, predetermined process, a relentless wave the progresses without our consent.

The “historic figures” we like to admire, write and read about were and are simply people at the right place at the right time, fulfilling their assigned roles driven by their instincts, hormonal reactions.

If there wasn’t a Napoleon, Lord Wellington, Hitler, Stalin, Einstein, Freud and so on, others would have fulfilled their roles, with slight personal differences, but overall “causing” the same historic changes, development.

Our only true free choice is to actually understand how and why evolution, history unfolds as it does, by studying the Natural system’s laws and its plan.

Then by the help of this fully conscious understanding we can finally derail history from its inevitably self-destructive course – self-destructive as long as we blindly follow our inherently egoistic, hateful and greedy nature.

We reached this crucial turning point, the opportunity and survival necessity of this conscious, proactive change in our generation.

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