The End Of The World As We Know It…

Question: Why does modern society disregard science and facts, favor opinions over research and evidence, and challenge scientific authority that aims to help society?

Answer: This is very multi-faceted question.

First of all our generation is the most closed-minded and ignorant in Human history. We don’t care about anything else, but to fulfill our instinctive, random, egocentric desires from one day to another.

We don’t care if the world ends tomorrow as long as the soccer season, the next series of “Game of Thrones”, the gossips about the royal family continues and the next iPhone appears as usual, etc.

On the other hand sciences also declined. They are sponsored by “interested parties”, thus their “results” are biased, politically, economically motivated. They don’t give us true, verifiable scientific conclusions that could help our lives.

Moreover as we reached a wall how far we can research reality through our inherently egocentric, self-serving, subjective nature and perception, from now on sciences have become “theoretical”, philosophical as we can’t break into the real, “quantum reality” without making the observer suitable, similar to the “selfless, objective” dimension there.

We have reached the “peak” of selfish, egoistic development, the whole illusory Human system is in crisis. Unless we consciously, proactively change ourselves, how we relate to each other and the Natural Universe, we will descend into a very dark, volatile traditional period.

Then growing, intolerable suffering will force us to change.

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