What’s Wrong With Globalization?

Question: Has globalization been the cause of rising costs of living worldwide?

Answer: It is interesting – as you can see from the answers – that many people are not even aware of the cost of living rising, although even in such small places where I live for example – in a small town in New Zealand nobody heard about – house prices, rent is so high, that most young people are priced out of the market, and we hear about the unsustainable property bubble that just keeps growing in every part of the world.

And at the same time the cost of food, healthcare is also rising while government support, subsidies are reduced, cutting people off from easy access (And in New Zealand at the moment we have a Labour government!)

But it is not “globalization” that is to blame.

First of all “globalization” – living in a globally integrated and interdependent world – is not man-made, it is an evolutionary, survival necessity in a “global” Natural system that is fully integrated and interdependent. Moreover as the other answers suggested, “globalization” was supposed to lower living costs, making life, communication, mutual connection easier for everybody!

The reason “globalization” worsened our lives is that we – Human beings – the users corrupt “globalization”, as we do with everything else. It is our inherent operating software, our instinctively egotistic, selfish, hateful and greedy nature – which drives all of us – that distorts, corrupts even the most beautiful, perfect looking systems, ideologies, ideas – like democracy, free market economy for example!

Thus it does not matter what we try, what we invent, explore. As long as we did not correct our selfish egos, we did not upgrade ourselves with new, selfless, unconditionally serving, loving intentions – which are Nature’s inherent, “godly qualities” – we will sink ever deeper into crisis until we completely self-destruct like cancer.

And what I am suggesting has nothing to do with morality, ideology, philosophy or New Age spirituality. We live in a closed, vast, lawful Natural system. If we do not follow the laws, structure of the system – which is vastly greater, stronger than us – then we do not have right to exist in this system and we will not survive!

It is as simple as that. Either we learn the laws, principles of closed, natural systems and purposefully, methodically adapt ourselves to those laws, principles, or we have nobody else to blame for our inevitable misfortune but ourselves.

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