Powerless Politicians

Question: How did politicians become so powerful?

Answer: I don’t think they are so powerful at all. I consider them puppets instead. They are blindly led by their own egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying ambitions, while they are also hapless servants of powerful lobby, interest groups that operate behind the scenes.

But even those “hidden” powers, interest groups are also blindly led by their own instinctively self-serving, greedy egos. We are all powerless puppets in the hands of Nature, as evolutions intelligent plan pulls, pushes is towards its predetermined goal, until at a certain point we finally wake up with the question of “What’s the meaning of life?!”

Those who can rise above their instinctive nature after following this question, finding the right, purposeful method in the facilitating environment, are the only powerful people, the only ones with free choice over themselves.

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