Observing The Universe

Question: How have the people from your past influenced the decisions you make in the present? Answer: Very much so. In fact all previous generations influence us in our decisions with the “genetic memory” that is unknowingly stored in us. We are constantly influenced by the environment we exist in, but this influence goes much … More Observing The Universe

Cost Of Loving – Assessed Differently

Question: What are the cost of living? Answer: I would like to examine the question of “cost of living” differently, considering the fully integrated, interdependent world we evolved into. The average – non-material – cost of living is how much I am capable of annulling myself, my inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature towards others. In … More Cost Of Loving – Assessed Differently

Humanity’s Only Option Against Superman Going Rogue: Unity!

Question: If Superman were real and he snapped and went crazy and started killing people, what would society’s options be to deal with the threat given his powerset? Answer: There is only one option, the exact option The Avengers were incapable of using against Thanos, thus wasting all of their superpowers combined: unity! The power … More Humanity’s Only Option Against Superman Going Rogue: Unity!

Emotional Universe

Question: Why do people see faces in seemingly random things where no face has been drawn, painted, etched, etc.? Answer: We have this inherent tendency to “humanise” everything, to clothe inanimate, vegetative, animate parts of Nature into Human emotions, attributes. And instinctively we are actually very close to the truth. Although we think we exist … More Emotional Universe

Saving The Planet By Saving, Rebuilding Our Connections

Question: Could the world ever be a happy place with no structural sufferings (just the personal ones of loss, disease, etc.)? Answer: It only depends on us, the people living in this world. We have the power and obligation to make this world the “garden of Eden from the “hellish”, dark, hostile place we see … More Saving The Planet By Saving, Rebuilding Our Connections

Lost And Found

Question: Why do I feel like I’m not supposed to be where I’m supposed to be? Answer: Probably because you are not where you are supposed to be. This is a very difficult problem affecting all of us. We all feel lost in the world today. What we just started to recognize is that we … More Lost And Found

Universal Intelligence

Question: What is life without intelligence? Answer: That is our present “humanoid/animate” life, simply existing instinctively, chasing randomly appearing “animate” (food, sex, family” and “social” (wealth, power/fame, knowledge) desires, subjectively, egotistically locked into a mutually exclusive fight for day to day survival. An intelligent Human life starts with the questions of “What is the meaning … More Universal Intelligence