Lost And Found

Question: Why do I feel like I’m not supposed to be where I’m supposed to be?

Answer: Probably because you are not where you are supposed to be. This is a very difficult problem affecting all of us. We all feel lost in the world today.

What we just started to recognize is that we all exist in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world. But what most people still do not know is that the closed, natural reality we exist in is fully determined, “lawful”, guided and governed by unbreakable natural laws. In this system every element has its own place, “cogwheel role” obligated by the system’s intelligent, relentless evolutionary plan.

The inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of the system instinctively know their place and fulfill their roles blindly without any doubts, questions, resistance. Only Human beings roam in this system seemingly aimlessly, not finding their place, making mistakes, causing crisis and destruction with whatever they do.

But this is purposeful, as evolution’s plan has a very unique, guarding, governing role for us as “crowns of creation”.

We have to find and fulfill our “cogwheel” roles consciously, after a lengthy and complex trial and error educational process. Only in this way can we map, fully test the system in order to learn all the cause and effect processes, the function of every comprising element. By the end of the process we have to attain the same knowledge, wisdom as the “mind”, “thought” that brought reality into existence.

So if you want to know where you are supposed to be, join the right environment with the purposeful, practical educational method that can give you the “map” and “Instruction Guide” to the system of reality so you could also find your special “cogwheel role” in it and perform your unique mission.

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