The Most Plausible Misunderstanding

Question: What is the most plausible part of life?

Answer: The most plausible part, principle of life is that I have to live for my own sake.

After all I was born with a proudly individualistic self, I feel myself existing in a hostile world where I can’t trust others or the system, and seemingly I have to succeed at the expense of others through ruthless, exclusive competition.

Thus although unity, “brotherhood”, mutual cooperation, mutual responsibility all sounds nice, when it comes to practical implementation it is obvious that it can’t work, as we all care only for ourselves, we simply can’t trust one another.

This is why it comes as a great shock when we find ourselves in a globally integrated and interdependent world, where it is clearer each day that without mutually responsible and mutually complementing connections, cooperation – where each of us makes calculations primarily for the well-being of the whole collective above self-interest – we won’t survive. And even with this recognition we are unable to change the most plausible paradigm of life: automatic “self-love/self-service/self-protection”.

Thus our survival depends on a brand new, purposeful and practical educational method which can show, gently teach us through positive motivation that what sounds, feels plausible is actually very wrong and threatens our existence.

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