Observing The Universe

Question: How have the people from your past influenced the decisions you make in the present?

Answer: Very much so. In fact all previous generations influence us in our decisions with the “genetic memory” that is unknowingly stored in us.

We are constantly influenced by the environment we exist in, but this influence goes much deeper than we think.

We are at the cross-section of the “horizontal” present generation and the “longitudinal” chain of all the generations that preceded us.

(And then we haven’t even mentioned the influence that the billions of years of evolution – beyond Human development – exerts on us…)

We are in fact “simple” observers of a reality that is completely out of our personal control. We are like personal “screens” displaying actual pictures of all the “cosmic” influences that flow, stream through us.

On the other hand when we purposefully acquire the selfless, transparent, objective observer point that can tangible declare, sense, attain, justify this, we have risen to the highest level of Human development: observing, justifying reality’s perfection above the subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion.

Then we can unite all the generations, their wisdom, attainments into a single, “last generation”!

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