Understanding Happiness

Question: Are people who do things purely for themselves happy?

Answer: It depends on what we consider “happiness”.

We cant act in a way of purposefully causing ourselves pain, unhappiness. This goes against our instinctive, self-centered “pleasure/pain” principle, calculations. We do whatever we do (even if it looks twisted, harmful) in order to obtain personal happiness at all cost.

Thus inherently we are convinced that by self-service, self-fulfillment we can make ourselves happy. Our whole life, marketing, production/consumption is based on this most fundamental Human instinct.

The problem is that Nature’s evolution programmed us in a way, that we have to gradually develop to a state where we can grasp and obtain “true happiness”, which is “infinitely greater”, more fulfilling and sustainable than the minuscule personal “happiness” we can achieve through the automatic self-fulfillment.

Our generation is already in that developmental state where we should be changing our focus, trying to locate and acquire that higher, Natural happiness instead of the instinctive personal one. This is the reason why our generation is the most empty, unfulfilled, depressed, suicidal or doped, despite having everything we could ever desire and more, in easy reach for more than 8 billion people!

We have no other option, choice but to start purposefully, methodically search for and attain “true happiness”!

And since in Nature everything – life, optimal development, circulation of forces, communication – is based on integration, mutual cooperation, making calculations for the well-being of the whole, the “true, Natural happiness” is also available only through purposefully built, positive, mutually supportive and mutually, selflessly fulfilling Human connections.

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