Developing An Objective Observer Of Reality

Question: Do we really exist? Or is it an illusion? Does the universe really exist? Or these are just my illusion? Do I really exist?

Answer: Let us start with something we can hold onto. Someone who asks these questions exists, otherwise there would be no questions. So you – as an observer – exist.

Now in what form, where this observer exists, and what this observer observes, it is a more complicated question to answer.

By default we sense ourselves in a physical reality with a seemingly solid, physical Natural Universe surrounding us with all of its elements – including other people.

On the other hand since Einstein we have started to question the “solidity”, absoluteness of such a rigid, Newtonian reality, and since then quantum physics went further, proving that reality at particle level is not necessarily solid (but “airy”, in waveform, forces), and what we observe is 100% dependent on the state, qualities of the observer.

I think this last part is the most important: our present perception of reality is completely egocentric, subjective, thus apart from ourselves, our own inherent selfish, introverted qualities we do not perceive anything else. The world we see is our own reflection on a “white background”. We can’t perceive anything else but what our own qualities, inner memory bank matches, so we only see from the world “outside” what we have “inside”.

So the first step towards correcting the picture, the first step towards a true research of who we are, where we are and what we observe is acquiring a selfless, objective observer viewpoint from where this new, this time realistic research can start.

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