Filling The Void Of The Ego With Altruistic Love Of Others

Question: What is that “void” that everyone feels from time to time? Is there an actual scientific explanation?

Answer: Normally our being, our senses are filled with our default egocentric, selfish aspirations as our inherent ego works with its self-centered “pleasure/pain” software.

We feel a “void” when for some reason this egoistic machinery misfires, fails and we are left empty from egoistic fulfillment, or when we do not even have a healthy, selfish desire for further pleasures, like when an engine runs out of fuel.

Our instinctive, blindly egoistic Human development has come to an end. Natural evolution is now forcing us to move to a higher level of existence through a completely different paradigm: selfless, altruistic care and love of others. Only through this new “operating software” can we build true mutual integration in Human society, and only through perfect integration in between us can we seamlessly integrate with Nature’s perfect system – which is the Human purpose of our life.

Moreover we have to achieve this integration by our own volition, consciously, proactively. This is our Human advantage over animals that are integrated with nature instinctively. Since we have to do this above, against our inherently egoistic nature, we will retain free choice and full awareness of Nature’s perfection, justifying evolution and by that justifying our own Human existence, observer status.

Thus from now we will feel the “void” more and more, we will feel that we can’t fulfill ourselves with the usual egoistic, selfish pleasures as we used to, in order to receive the chance to fill that void with the new paradigm, with new, selfless, altruistic pleasures, for the sake of others instead of for the sake of ourselves.

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