Cost Of Loving – Assessed Differently

Question: What are the cost of living?

Answer: I would like to examine the question of “cost of living” differently, considering the fully integrated, interdependent world we evolved into.

The average – non-material – cost of living is how much I am capable of annulling myself, my inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature towards others.

In that extent I become capable of establishing positive, mutually supportive, mutually complementing connections with those others I have nullified myself towards to.

Then in the extent we made this is a closed, purposeful environment a unique, selfless, altruistic network is formed, and within this network a special, unprecedented circulation of energy, empathy, mutual love, pleasure is generated.

And this mutual flow, circulation is life, until we feel this, we haven’t lived. Until then we only feel a minuscule, individual spark of existence, like of a cell that is separated from the body.

The purposefully acquired mutual flow, the mutual network connects us to the infinite, perfect system of the Universe, to its flow of energy.

But everything starts with the “payment”, everything starts with self-annulment.

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