Mundane And Non-Mundane Life

Question: What’s the most mundane life experience you’ve endured?

Answer: I would call “mundane” all our life experiences that fall within the category of simply “flowing with life”. In other words “mundane” is everything we do under the governance of our inherently self-centered, self-serving, introverted and subjective nature.

While we remain within our instinctive aspirations, fulfillment we do not actually experience true life. Our inherent ego, our instincts keep us within ourselves, this way we experience life like an isolated cell that has been separated from the body.

True, “non-mundane” life is when we experience existence “outside of ourselves”, through purposefully, methodically built interconnections with others, above and against our egoistic self trying to hold us within ourselves.

Then within the network we form with each other through selfless, altruistic connections, we will start sensing an extraordinary, truly Human life, when instead of our small, insignificant, individual cell we start perceiving, computing reality through the whole Human organism, collective mind.

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