Saving The Planet By Saving, Rebuilding Our Connections

Question: Could the world ever be a happy place with no structural sufferings (just the personal ones of loss, disease, etc.)?

Answer: It only depends on us, the people living in this world. We have the power and obligation to make this world the “garden of Eden from the “hellish”, dark, hostile place we see it today.

The only thing we need to change is our mutual connections, how we relate to one another. If we achieved a mutually responsible and mutually complementing integration within Humanity, through the reached similarity Humanity would achieve seamless integration with Nature’s cosmic system.

And since Humanity is the qualitatively highest, most influential part of the system – despite its proportionally small size – the balance and homeostasis at this highest, Human level could positively affect the rest of the system.

Thus – while it is very difficult to comprehend let alone accept today – we can even subdue, lessen such elemental forces that cause the hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis in the Natural system.

I am not asking anybody to believe in this “phantasmical sounding” solution. Instead I recommend to try it and see like scientists what happens. What do we have left to lose?

If we managed to unite and build harmony in Human society by using the right, purposeful, educational method, at least we would avoid wars, economic, financial catastrophes and finally we can build a safe, sustainable global Human society.

(And as a positive “side effect” we will also harmonize, changes Nature’s awesome forces…)

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