Waking Up To Life

Question: If immortality was a choice, would you take it?

Answer: I would take it, but immortality is not a choice, it is a given.

Even now we exist eternally, in an infinite, perfect reality. The only thing we need to change is our consciousness about this perfection, we need to wake up from this dream/nightmare we find ourselves in now.

In order to “wake up” we need each other’s help. We can methodically, mutually liberate one another from our inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective cocoons that traps us into an illusory reality bounded by time, space and physical motion.

And we do not need to worry about this immortality being “boring”, “endless”, a place with pastel colors and nicely dressed angels and “happy go Larry” people wanting to have a chat…

True eternity is a dimension of infinite changes with infinite speed with constant, enormous, incomprehensible tensions, like existing within the “crazy particles” of a quantum system that are at infinite possibility states through infinite time…

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