Actually I Don’t Care,… But

Question: Do you care about how other people behave, aside from wanting them not to bother you or your loved ones?

Answer: By default I do not. Inherently – driven by our instinctively self-serving, egocentric, subjective nature – I only care about myself and my very close, “inner circle”.

It takes a long process, studying and understanding the system of reality and Human nature until we start to grasp that actually “I”, as an individual being do not exist. “I” am just an individual cell within Humanity’s fully integrated and interdependent “organ”, which “organ” is also just one – although very important – “organ” of Nature’s fully integrated, vast, cosmic system.

Only when we start to understand that our personal lives are directly related, fully dependent on others, on the state, well-being of the collective whole, do we start caring about others according to the principle of “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, since “thyself” actually includes the whole of reality.

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