Drawing All The Attention

Question: Can humans live without getting attention?

Answer: It is a just question. By our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature we can’t live without drawing attention to ourselves.

Basically we perceive reality with ourselves at its center, we instinctively, innocently believe that the world was created for our selves, where we deserve this crave all the attention and service for ourselves.

On the other hand we can’t survive this way in a fully integrated, interdependent world as the worsening, unsolvable global crisis – caused by our instinctive behaviour, tendencies – proves.

Collective, Human survival is possible only, when we learn – through a unique, purposeful, practical educational method – how to build society on mutual guarantee – where we each pay attention only to others, selflessly, unconditionally serve, support only others – still receive all the attention we need, without searching, asking for it.

We remain in the center point of reality, but instead of drawing everything selfishly towards ourselves we selflessly sustain everything.

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