The Universe Calling..

Question: How do I recognise the signs from the universe? These days I feel like the universe is asking me to do something.

Answer: You are very sensitive, as the Universe is truly communicating with us, “asking us” to do something. It wants us to search for and fulfill our unique, individual and collective Human role, purpose in it.

The whole natural Universe is a closed, fully integrated and interdependent system that is built from the same element. And this system is permeated, operated by the same, singular, Natural evolutionary plan which determines all the cause and effect processes of development.

All the inanimate, vegetative and animate elements in this system are by default, instinctively following this plan, except the highest level of the animate: Humans.

By instincts, due to the unique, selfish, subjective Human ego, Human beings are going against the plan as we are born with a “raw”, unfinished “beta software” leaving us – as the only parts of the Universe – with free choice.

Our role in the plan is to recognize our inherent incompatibility with the system, recognize that by blindly following the egoistic software we will self-destruct like cancer.

In our generation when we have come very close to this self-destruction due to the ego’s maximum development more and more people “started to hear” the calling of the Universe, urging us to start searching for our unique Human role, to use our unique Human free choice and initiate the necessary “self-upgrade”, to start the last, conscious phase of Human development.

Our generation is the first pioneers of the “last generation”, the part of Humanity which will take fate into its own hand rising above blind, instinctive, egoistic development.

We will perform the necessary upgrade – by harnessing Nature’s developing force consciously – to complete, upgrade our operating software in order to integrate into Nature’s system – as a fully integrated, single Human “super-organism” – and thus survive and become the conscious “head”, “collective mind” of the Universe.

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