Changing Viewpoint

Question: If you could, what would you change in this life? Answer: Before we make any changes in life we first need to examine what “this life” is. Is there an independent reality around me with the inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of Nature? Can I make any absolute, objective assessment about what I … More Changing Viewpoint

Crown Of Evolution

Question: If after dying you can come back as any living thing other than a human, what would you choose? Answer: I would still want to come back as a Human. While I agree that at present animals seem to be purer, more innocent, more “attuned to Nature”, seamlessly integrating into Nature’s beautiful “circle of … More Crown Of Evolution

Regaining Control By Losing “Self-Control”

Question: Is everything truly beyond our control? Answer: Although today this seems so – seeing how all our best plans, inventions, ideologies and systems are slipping through our fingers – still we can take control of our fate. But for that first of all we have to accept and comprehend that the vast, cosmic, natural … More Regaining Control By Losing “Self-Control”

Being Part Of “Circle Of Life”

Question: What have you learned about life by observing other living things? Answer: Especially when we observe Nature we can see that life is based on “mutual guarantee”, the selfless, unconditional, mutually responsible and mutually complementing collaboration of otherwise very different, seemingly incompatible elements. And since Humanity also evolved from Nature and we are still … More Being Part Of “Circle Of Life”


Question: How do you determine your destiny? Answer: We do not determine our destiny. Our destiny, our most optimal, Human purpose in existence is already “written” into Nature’s plan of evolution. The meaning of our life is to reveal and fulfill this destiny consciously, willingly, by proactively preparing for it. And for that we need … More Destiny

Upside Down World

Out Of Depth Usually we feel very secure, certain in our inherent viewpoint of the world. Still as the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis is rumbling on – when all of our previous ideologies, human laws and system started slipping through our fingers – many people started to question if we are looking at, … More Upside Down World

Great Escape

The Harmful Ego Today we are gradually revealing that our inherent nature is fully egoistic, that we can’t make calculations for anything or anybody else but ourselves. We started to understand that the resulting ruthless and exploitative competition, always succeeding at the expense of others is behind our recurring, vicious, historic cycles and the present, … More Great Escape

Humane Universe

A Lawful Universe We exist in a perfect, lawful, natural Universe which is developing through a very precise evolutionary plan. There are intricately controlled cause and effect processes determining everything that is going on in the whole interdependent system, in order to safeguard balance and homeostasis, since without them life would not be possible. We … More Humane Universe