David’s Harp

The Magical Harp According to Jewish oral tradition: “…In the middle of the night, as the wind changed direction, it would blow across the strings, and the harp would begin to be played by the wind. David would awaken with inspiration to these mystical sounds, pick up his harp, and sing his deepest feelings to … More David’s Harp

The Mother’s Love

Self-Love Our lives are seemingly infused with love. But in truth by default we don’t know what love truly is. As a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature the only love we know is “self-love”. Due to our egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” we are unable to make any calculations for anybody else but ourselves. For … More The Mother’s Love

Absolute Freedom

Mistaken Belief In Freedom We are born with an inherent, stubborn belief in freedom. We all think that at least to a certain extent we make decisions on our own, that at least to a certain extent we can influence our fate. Even people who believe in concepts like karma make seemingly independent decisions on … More Absolute Freedom

The Miracle Of Freezing The Moment

Egocentric Rollercoaster Life is a constant rollercoaster, we go through violent ups and downs all the time. By default these changes are one dimensional, observed by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature through a completely subjective perception. Up or down means “sweet or bitter” meaning whether the states, events we go through are good or bad … More The Miracle Of Freezing The Moment

Caught In The Net

In An Inescapable Network By now most people recognized and accepted that we have evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent world. We still haven’t fully grasped what this independence truly means. Nevertheless people, nations slowly start to feel as if involuntarily being trapped in a net they can’t escape from. And the true … More Caught In The Net

Observing Reality With Eyes Shut

Locked Into Our Own Caves Although even modern science suggests that our perception of reality is introverted and completely subjective, we still don’t realize how deeply flawed, unreal the world is that we seemingly see around ourselves. Due to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature our perception of reality serves the completely egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations. Thus … More Observing Reality With Eyes Shut

Two Tier Education

At Evolutionary Crossroads Today Humanity is in a desperate, seemingly unsolvable crisis. We keep reassuring ourselves that it is just one of those historic cycles that happen time after time, and even if there is a violent explosion like war, economic meltdown, we will recover and start building again. But this is not true any … More Two Tier Education

Working With A Leaking Bucket

The Urgent Need For Self-Correction Today many people realize that behind all the problems we are encountering in the world stands our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature. It is this nature that prevents us from forming positive, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperations, without which problem solving and thus survival is impossible in a global, integral … More Working With A Leaking Bucket

Swimming With The Whale

Trying To Reveal Perfection We exist in a perfect natural system that is governed by, permeated by a single, all encompassing force-field. At this stage we are not aware of either this force-field, nor the completeness and perfection of the system. Perception, attainment, research and understanding all depend on the similarity of qualities, similarity of … More Swimming With The Whale