Perception Of Reality

Question: Do you wish that you could go back in time and prejudge all the toxic people from your past, and say bad things about them before they have even done anything to you?

Answer: I suspect you won’t like what I will write, but we have to change how we look at the world around us. Our perception of reality, vision is completely distorted, filtered by our inherently egocentric, subjective nature. We do not see reality “as it is”, but as our own personal computer paints it on an “external screen”.

Moreover since perception works on similarity of qualities, meaning we can recognize, see only what we have similarity, inner pattern of, what we see “outside of us” is the reflection of our own qualities. Thus the “toxic people” “toxic events” we see is simply an external representation of our own “toxicity” played out by some hapless actors “on the screen”.

Finally thriving to going back into the past to change things is completely pointless as we waste time and energy on trying to change something which happened to us specifically in order to learn about ourselves and help us in changing ourselves, our own qualities.

This gives all the keys into our hands. If we find that the world, others need changing, improving we do not have to do anything else but to change our own qualities, our own filters, the “movie projector” in us. As soon as we adjusted, refined, upgraded ourselves we will see the world changing positively, even the past receives a rosy tint…

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