Crown Of Evolution

Question: If after dying you can come back as any living thing other than a human, what would you choose?

Answer: I would still want to come back as a Human. While I agree that at present animals seem to be purer, more innocent, more “attuned to Nature”, seamlessly integrating into Nature’s beautiful “circle of life”, they do so instinctively, without actually being aware of their own and Nature’s perfection.

There is an evolutionary reason why Human beings separated from the rest of the “animal kingdom” through the incessant, exponential growth, development of the the destructive Human ego. This is how evolution provided us with an opposite, external viewpoint, a contrasting “negative” starting point, from where we can start a new developmental path.

We are standing at unique crossroads today. As we are gradually realizing, accepting reluctantly that the only problem behind all the crisis Humanity is facing is our inherently egoistic, hateful and greedy nature, finally we can start a conscious, proactive way to reintegration with Nature.

But since we have to do this against, above our inherent ego, when we finally integrate we will retain our consciousness, full awareness through the contrast. Thus the sense of perfection, the sense of benevolent control a Human being can acquire in Nature is simply incomparable to the “senseless”, instinctive “goodness” of the animals.

So I would like to come back as a Human being, provided we all convert our enormous potential to actual reality. While we remain as we are – blindly ruled by the inherent ego – we are inferior to other animals.

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