Regaining Control By Losing “Self-Control”

Question: Is everything truly beyond our control?

Answer: Although today this seems so – seeing how all our best plans, inventions, ideologies and systems are slipping through our fingers – still we can take control of our fate.

But for that first of all we have to accept and comprehend that the vast, cosmic, natural reality we exist in is not random, but it is governed by a single, intelligent, predetermined plan of evolution.

And this plan controls everything, including our own individual and collective development towards a final, most optimal state.

Thus we need to study natural reality and its plan of development with the aim of understanding it in order to change, adapt, upgrade ourselves, so we can seamlessly, willingly integrate into this plan, fulfilling our predetermined role in it.

The moment our goals, desires, movement, development is aligned with the underlying plan, we gain absolute freedom and take control of our fate. By giving up “self-control” – the control of the subjective, egoistic self – we effortlessly flow with Nature’s “circle of life”.

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