Changing Viewpoint

Question: If you could, what would you change in this life?

Answer: Before we make any changes in life we first need to examine what “this life” is. Is there an independent reality around me with the inanimate, vegetative, animate and human levels of Nature? Can I make any absolute, objective assessment about what I perceive?

The truth is we can’t answer these questions because our perception of reality is absolutely self-centered, egoistic, introverted and subjective. And it cannot be in any other way as I exist “within myself”. I see, hear, smell, taste and touch this world with my personally tuned, limited devices, and the input is assessed, sorted, arranged by my own, personally oriented “computer” that is working by an egocentric “pleasure/pain” software.

It is possible that there is nothing outside of me, but I am watching my own 3D, holographic movie projected around me. Or even if there is a “real world” around me, I am mapping, sensing, receiving it according to my own abilities. And since perception, research is determined by the qualities of the observer – I can only detect, evaluate what I have similarity with, I have matching frequencies like a radio receiver, where I can match the “outside” impressions with my own inner templates – the picture of the world I receive is my picture.

In both ways what I perceive is “my world” only.

Thus if I want to change anything in the world, anything that I sense, perceive “outside of me”, the only thing I can, have to change is myself, my own qualities, my own templates.

And since I cannot change myself as one cannot lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair, I need to enter a unique “laboratory”, a purposeful Human environment, where by conscious, methodical self-annulment towards others I can receive new templates, new qualities from them.

This way by changing my “monolithic”, one dimensional perception to a “multi-angle, multi-faceted”, “holographic view – seeing the world through the eyes of others – I can get much closer to observing reality objectively, seeing it “as it is” without egoistic, subjective distortion.

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