Best Possible Feeling: True Love

Question: What is the best possible feeling a human or any creature could possibly experience?

Answer: True love. It is a feeling we unconsciously sense in the mother’s womb but lose when we are born into this world.

True love is a condition where the lover immediately, perfectly fulfills the desires, needs of the loved one without any selfish, egoistic calculations, considerations, as if the lover only existed in order to selflessly serve, care for the loved one.

Apart from the instinctive motherly love the womb provides in the mother, Humans do not know true love, as our inherently egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature does not allow such an action.

In order to become capable of true love, first we would need to “exit ourselves”, leave behind any selfish, egoistic considerations and start serving, loving others as if we ourselves did not exist.

It is worthwhile! The ability to truly love another gives us an unimaginable pleasure, a completely different taste of life, as this ability – through the acquired similarity – can give us a taste of the incredible, infinite, perfect love and service Nature “feels” as it creates, nurtures, sustains life.

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