Instilling Global, Integral Values

Question: What values should be instilled in 21st-century learners?

Answer: Global, integral values. We need to understand what it means to exist in a globally integrated and interdependent world, while also understanding that this “globalization” is not man-made but it is an evolutionary, survival necessity.

We are born from, still exist and evolve within the fully integrated and interdependent Natural system. As one inner part of the system the laws of closed, integral Natural systems also apply to us.

Our artificial, unnatural Human bubble that is built by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, individualistic, egocentric and subjective nature is not bursting, collapsing due to our critical incompatibility with Nature.

Since the system is infinitely greater, stronger than us combined, in order to solve our mounting global problems and survive we have no other choice but to change ourselves, change how we relate to each other and to Nature.

The system and its laws won’t, can’t change, only we have free choice!

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