The All-Important, Critical Self-Recognition

Question: What is something encouraging happening in the world these days?

Answer: Paradoxically the only encouraging thing that is happening is our general “recognition of evil”, finally, globally realizing that the root cause behind all of our problems is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful and greedy ego that drives all of us – not only certain people, groups, nations, cultures.

This recognition is already half the cure, as only when we understand and accept the diagnosis can we truly search for a cure. So far we kept on ignoring the symptoms, constantly applying make-up, cosmetic surgery on ourselves, believing that there exists something good in all of us which will sooner or later prevail.

But by default we have nothing good in us except our critical ability to recognize the developing terminal disease in us before it is too late.

So now that this recognition, accepting the diagnosis started on a mass scale from leaders to the people of the street, we are finally ready to accept the “bitter remedy”: a unique, purposeful, practical educational method that can help us change our inherent nature, harnessing, redirection our raging ego towards positive, altruistic purpose by harnessing Nature’s evolutionary force that “created” us with this ego in the first place.

By doing this purposefully, consciously, methodically we rise from an instinctive animate existence to a truly Human one, becoming similar to Nature’s perfect system.

This is the very reason we were born with an “evil” nature – of course it is not evil since we had no choice about it, evolution created us in an unfinished, raw form – so by consciously recognizing its harmful qualities we could initiate the above mentioned unprecedented self-change justifying our being as Human.

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