Reading A Book


A Good Book

Reading a good book can seemingly transport us into another world. A skillful writer can create such a colourful story, “tasty” reality that the reader can feel oneself entering into that world, oneself playing the actions, living the lives the story portrays. A really good book can initiate such deep emotional impressions in us, that we simply can’t get them out of our system and sometimes it is even difficult to separate reality from fiction.

There are popular books labelled as “impossible to put down”, since for people reading them the external world seemingly lost its importance, relevance. But while these books make huge impressions on the readers that can last a long time, the people reading them don’t fundamentally change themselves or start perceiving a different reality.

There are of course study books, self-help books that are created to make people’s lives better, improve them in different ways. But even if such books make significant changes to those people they don’t alter one’s instinctive nature, attitude.


Living In Dream

But there exist different kinds of books. Books that were written by very unique people from within very unique circumstances.

We are all convinced that we exist in this physical reality we can perceive with our five physical senses, and although we accept that there are forces surrounding us that we can’t perceive we don’t think those forces  fundamentally change our existence. We also know that humanity exists within the vast, cosmic natural system but we don’t sense a direct, obligating connection to this natural system.

Moreover until today modern humanity lived with the popular belief that we are gradually overcoming this natural system, and sooner or later we will learn how to control all of its aspects. It is only today – as a result of the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis sapping our pride and confidence – that we started to consider that perhaps we are not so advanced and omnipotent after all.

It is not enough we still haven’t figured out how to predict, let alone control nature’s awesome, destructive forces, even the ideologies, systems, institutions we ourselves built are slipping through our fingers.

In truth until today we have been living in an illusion. We already start grudgingly accepting that we have created an artificial human bubble within nature’s vast system, which human bubble is incompatible with that unchangeable system surrounding us. And as a result of this incompatibility our human bubble has no right to exists, thus it is breaking apart, as we can observe it in the form of the global crisis.

But we also started revealing, especially through the latest findings in quantum physics that probably our “corporeal, physical world” is just an illusion. It is possible that we simply imagine, somehow vividly “dream” our whole physical existence with all of its events. Somehow, by the grace of an invisible force – by a concealed plan we can’t identify yet – we are kept in an “artificial coma” regarding our true identity, our true life as we are not ready yet to perceive and comprehend reality and our existence in it as it truly is.


Search On Mass Scale

In truth most people even if they heard about such possibility, simply wouldn’t care. As long as we have our basic necessities fulfilled and we are still served with simple “circus and bread entertainment”, we don’t demand much and continue our daily lives from one day to another. Only when we are unbalanced by some sort of suffering, unpleasant sensation do we start moving, asking questions, researching what and why is happening to us.

Such suffering, unpleasant sensation can obviously come from physical, corporeal or even psychological pain, hardship. Or it can come from an irresistible and irrepressible question about the meaning, purpose of our existence.

There are a growing number of people who even if they still have a comfortable corporeal life, can’t suppress this question any longer and they have to search, turn all the stones they can encounter until they find an answer regarding their purpose of existence. And there are many others who – by being pushed through today’s corporeal suffering and pain, through unfulfilled necessities and the increasingly uncertain future – also started asking the same question.


In Need Of Different Method

Most people while searching will first find the usual scientific, religious or New Age spiritual methods, self-help books that offer improved lives, better problem solving, psychological support for this world and even for the “afterlife”. The problem is that these books, methods keep people within the same paradigm they have always existed in.

We are born with an instinctively self-serving, self-justifying nature, that is built around an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. Thus when we try to change our lives, our behaviour using these methods, we simply try to change pain to pleasure, or a small pleasure to a bigger one.

But we wouldn’t even consider a method, book if it offered a path that “promised” no personal reward, but would instead offer the person moving away from any selfish calculations, personal gains.

The truth is as long as we stay with the paradigm we were born with, driven by our inherently selfish, egoistic inclination, we have absolutely no chance of solving our mounting problems let alone waking up from this increasingly uncertain and disturbing dream into the real world.

The real world can only be found, perceived outside of our self-centred, introverted and subjective caves, and in order to make it outside we would need to disconnect from our selves, from our inherently programming. And for this we need a very different methodology with very different source books and teachers, leading us gently, gradually through this “supernatural” transition from proud, self-obsessed, egoistic beings to selfless, altruistic servants of others.


The Unique Study Circle

Since this unique methods needs to liberate us out of the clutches of our inherent inclination, out of the slavery for our selfish egos, we need a mutually supportive, collaborating society, where each member has the same goal: selflessly, unconditionally serving the others in order to help them reach their common goal.

Only when these fully committed students invest, dedicate all their efforts into helping one another, reaching a unified common desire to learn, can they become successful with their quest.

But here their aspirations are very different from any other students. Usually people study for knowledge, in order to expand their minds, get to know new things they can use in practice. They are very much rooted within their own mind, reason and it is the same mind and reason they try to upgrade, develop, expand and improve.

And they study from a teacher who studied the same material before and out of gained knowledge, practical experience the teacher teaches those students so they can also get to know what the teacher learned before.

This is very different from the special method that is designed to tear, liberate people out of their inherent nature, elevating them above their inherent reason. The teacher here doesn’t pass on some static knowledge from within the same inherent paradigm, based on the usual subjective science we assess our world by. The teacher in this special society instead expertly guides the students  how to connect themselves to the unique, authentic source materials, books in order to find their own path out of their inherent inclination and reason, so they can enter a different dimension of existence.


Source Books

These unique source books are not for “reading, studying” in the conventional meaning of the words. Studying the books of this  “otherworldly” wisdom will not make one more clever or an expert of certain fields, topics. These books are designed to change the person at one’s core, change one’s total perception and one’s attitude towards the reality outside of the self. These source books if studied properly can completely rearrange, tune the student making one capable of a completely new perception of reality.

Everything depends on what one wants, what one’s true yearning is. The same book that can guide one through a complete inner change can be a pleasant read or topic of meditation, psychological support for another. It depends on with what intention a person approaches the book and study and whether one studies such wisdom alone or through the above described study circle.

Only mutually can the students reach the right approach to the study. Then they become “wise students”. Being a wise student means a student that studies from the wise. Such a student wants to acquire the same qualities, attributes the author had at the time of writing the book.

The wise sages who wrote these authentic source materials were special, empirical, natural scientists. They themselves also went through a similar process of self-annulment, self-change, tuning their perception and inclination to the selfless, altruistic qualities of nature’s fully integrated system until they become completely similar to it. Then through their similarity, from within that attainment they produced their “research journals”, describing precisely in a deeply emotional way how they felt in that state.

When a student, guided by the right teacher reads those books within the optimally assembled and prepared study circle, the emotional impressions, conclusions of those original scientists start affecting them, modulating, tuning the students internally like an expert sculptor turning a completely new shape our of a ready, softened material.

Those writers didn’t put on paper what they conjured up from their own minds. They simply recorded what streamed through them, the emotional impressions nature’s creating, governing force caused in them as they prepared themselves appropriately. They became the perfectly tuned radio receiver to listen to “reality’s broadcast” without the inherent, selfish, egoistic, subjective noise.

Those original sages form a chain, passageway through which the same natural force can affect, tune, reform the students until they also reach the required preparation, similarity and thus direct attainment. Through this process, as their attainment, perception of the perfect, selfless, altruistic natural system intensifies, their reliance on the illusion of this physical reality decreases until perception of the corporeal life, physical life and death completely fades away.



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