The Method


Early Scientists

Each great, several thousand years old culture has their legends, traditions, mythology describing the creation, origin of our world and the forces acting in it. Each are based very closely on natural laws, on intimate almost “insider” observation of how nature’s intricate system works.

Interestingly when one puts the very original, fundamental “sacred writings” of Hinduism, Judaism, Sufism, the oral traditions of the Aboriginals and other indigenous people side to side they seem to match almost letter to letter. Which is not surprising since those extraordinary people who wrote those documents, initiated oral traditions that were passed on from generation to generation weren’t mystics or religious figure heads.

They were the most original, empirical, natural scientists attaining nature and its laws the most direct way possible.


Mutual Guarantee

When we examine nature’s system and all of its elements compared to human beings and human societies in general we find one striking difference. In nature’s system a very fragile but constantly maintained state of mutual guarantee operates, which provides the basis for life and constant optimal development. In this way nature’s system progresses towards the most optimal final state possible.

This mutual guarantee – selfless, unconditional service towards the system above self-concern, making calculations only for the benefit, well-being of the whole collective while blindly trusting the system for self-fulfilment – safeguards the crucial balance and homeostasis.

On the other hand human beings are born without such instinctive mutual guarantee. People don’t have an inbuilt sense of belonging to the system they are born in. Moreover they feel abandoned by the system from birth, forced to cater for their own survival against constant threat from a hostile world surrounding them. Thus human beings don’t feel obligated to serve the system or others and instead develop ruthless, exclusive and exclusive competition with each other and the system for resources and survival.


Primordial Software

Our sense of prideful uniqueness, independence, our taste for competition and success at the expense of others have been growing all through human history. This explains why despite becoming more technologically and “morally” advanced and refined, our competitive spirit, ruthless exploitation of one another and nature’s system is greater, and more shrewd than ever.

Still, as we evolved from nature’s fully integrated system and our own biological body still behaves by the same laws – as our health depends on the same mutual guarantee in between our cells and organs – we all harbour sparks, remnants from that mutual guarantee in us. It is as if from the original perfect software different files, data still remained in us.


Entering The System

At the time those initial empirical natural scientists existed the ever growing, inherently selfish, egoistic and greedy human inclination was still in its infancy. And those unique people were born with unusually strong sparks, remnants of that primordial natural software from the original natural mutual guarantee, thus they could enter nature’s system with its help.

By simply suppressing their selfish tendencies with exercising physical limitations on their natural urges, those sparks, remnants, software parts became reactivated by nature’s all-encompassing force-field attracting them inside. Using their awakened sparks as keys for entry, choosing to perceive and live existence through this partial similarity with nature instead of their selfish human inclination, they could peer into, research nature without distorting, corrupting their observations with the usual selfish, subjective filter usual people approach nature with.

As a result of this objective perception, becoming part of nature’s constant life flow, perceiving the system without the selfish, egoistic limitations of time, space and physical motion, they could map and describe the system. This is what those thousand years old documents are about.

And since they all observed and described the system by the same merit of reaching similarity with the system their writings, descriptions are understandably very similar, matching.


Needing A Practical Method

Today we can all read those texts, study them with amazement. There are many who try using them to solve personal or collective problems, upgrading their existence.

Looking at the steadily worsening state of humanity, the frequent corruption, exploitation observed among those who practice and preach such ancient “spiritual practices” or practising the religions built on them, we could safely conclude that somehow those original observations, “research journals” don’t translate into actual methods that people without the unique sensitivity, burdened with strong modern selfish egos could use.

Thus the question is whether there is any of those original research journals that could offer a practical method for the hardened, extremely egoistic, selfish and narcissistic modern human being in the 21st century. Is there a method that can help people to actually sense natural reality and exist through such concepts, using those findings in order to reach a better, higher quality, effortless existence today?



One of those primordial, empirical natural scientist was named Abraham in ancient Mesopotamia. He started to become interested in how the system of reality worked while observing the first “global crisis” in his contemporary first, large scale human society as a result of the suddenly growing egoistic nature.

After immersing himself into this research process he reached full attainment of the natural system through his unique sensitivity, through the large spark, remnant from the primordial natural software overcoming his selfish inclination. Then he could compare nature’s system, it’s state of perfect mutual guarantee with the increasing separation, alienation, mutual hatred developing within human society.

As a result of this comparative study he developed his practical method of “loving others as oneself”, applying nature’s mutual guarantee to human societal model.


The Chain Of Scientists

Moreover through his unique sensitivity and talent he could delve into nature’s system to such an extent that he attained and fully understood nature’s plan of evolution from its beginning to its end. As a result he also understood how his initial method would need to be refined, expanded and adjusted from generation to generation so it could be used to facilitate humanity’s correction and full integration into nature’s system.

Finally he also foresaw that only when humanity fully understood, accepted that existing through the inherently selfish, egoistic human inclination without mutual guarantee is self-destructive, leading to the extermination of human society will people be ready, “softened” enough to agree using his method adjusted, prepared for that “last generation”.

Thus with him a long line of similar empirical scientists started, some achieving his sensitivity, full attainment like fully qualified doctors, while some “only” practicing his method living within mutual guarantee like people who follow the doctor’s advice in order to stay healthy.


Reaching The Last Generation

This chain of empirical scientists continues until today. In each generation these people refined, adjusted Abraham’s method. A few generations later Abraham’s descendants started using the same method as “national constitution” integrating a whole people into nature’s system through mutual guarantee. Later as that unique nation broke, its descendants were scattered among all the nations of the world like scattering seeds waiting to find the right soil and growing conditions.

Today humanity through the inherent selfish ego reaching its maximum potential arrived to that last, crucial generation where our future survival would be decided.

On one hand humanity reached such a dead end from which only an unprecedented, destructive, civilisation ending, potentially suicidal explosion offers a way out. On the other hand there are millions of people all over the world who feel a spark, remnant similar to Abraham’s waking up in them.


Reaching The Method

Usually these people first sense an irrepressible question regarding the meaning, purpose of their lives that starts an unstoppable search. Then as a result of that search sooner or later these people inevitably find the modern day representatives of those original empirical scientists. Then in unique, closed environments, using the updated version of Abraham’s method they can start a special, practical education process, in order to build the missing mutual guarantee in between human beings.

Our modern, fully bloomed egoistic nature is incomparably greater than that of Abraham’s and our primordial, natural spark connecting us to nature’s mutual guarantee is much weaker than his or his predecessors. Thus only by uniting in mutual circles, interconnecting and intensifying those remnants like lightning a flame from small sparks can we generate such force that is capable of overcoming the obstructing force of our mutual egos, leading us to similarity with nature’s system.


Similarity, Boundless And Effortless Existence

As initially small circles manage to achieve such overcoming and subsequent mutual guarantee they start merging with each other. Then with their “magnetic force”, shining positive example in problem solving, mutual support and confidence – in contrast to the increasing doom and gloom, barbaric chaos flooding humanity – they start attracting others and educating them, drawing them within the mutual guarantee.

As a result humanity will be able to achieve integration into nature’s system through the similarity reached by people integrating with each other. And though this natural integration we will become able to access nature’s infinite wisdom, database of blueprints offering us a qualitatively higher, unprecedented, effortless and bundles existence.



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