Miracles In The Incubator

Path of suffering


Until today and even right now humanity has been developing instinctively, automatically lead by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. This nature with a simple operating software written on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” constantly drives us towards greater personal pleasures, while moving us away from real or expected painful stimuli.

Since at the same time as a single, common species, being social creatures we are supposed to build stable, mutually complementing societies, we are struggling with this constant, and intensifying paradox in between our self-oriented individual nature and our collective obligations, necessities.

Thus human history is a recurring chain of vicious cycles. We always start building a new civilisation built on the latest, most hopeful ideology, idea promising a stable, peaceful,  sustainable human structure. But gradually our inherent nature in the lack of mutual trust, lack of mutual responsibility gradually twists, distorts, corrupts the plan and the structure until we end up in crisis, dead end, with no way out.

When such a dead end becomes intolerable some violent explosion  – revolution, war, economic meltdown – “resolves” the deadlock at great expense, then we start building again on the ruins of the previous system, seemingly learning from past mistakes. But as soon the new civilisation starts we forget what we learned, as our selfish, egoistic nature takes over, gradually driving us into another civilisation ending dead end and explosion.

And such cycles keep repeating themselves, becoming shorter and more intense each time, as our selfish, egoistic nature grows stronger, while humanity becomes larger, saturating the planet, and we also become more interconnected and interdependent.

Today we are nearing another such civilisation ending dead end symbolised by the deepening and unsolvable global crisis. As we flooded the planet, we have become completely dependent on one another while our egoistic nature has reached its maximum potential, thus there is a real possibility that with the next “resolving, violent explosion” we can completely wipe ourselves out.


Learning From Pain


This painful developmental path seems to be the only way human beings can learn and proceed from one evolutionary level to the next. Pain is the most potent teacher as we can’t tolerate prolonged suffering. Only the intolerable states at the end of each cycle are strong enough to convince our overwhelmingly powerful selfish ego to yield, and agree to a different way of living, to build a new paradigm.

This is still a fully selfish, egoistic change as we simply change one way of failed egoistic direction for another egoistic direction offering greater success.

It is similar to how people fight, overcome dangerous, self-destructive addictions like drug use, alcoholism, smoking for example. Although they have to go through a very hard, difficult rehabilitation process, they don’t actually change their inherently self-serving nature, they simply use a greater, qualitatively higher selfish, egoistic aspiration like respect from others, healthier life, physical survival to motivate themselves for giving up the harmful addiction.

Similarly after the previous system, civilisation broke down, we start building a new one in order to acquire a better, more comfortable, safer life for ourselves. This is an instinctive, seemingly reasonable, logical way of developing. The increasing, worsening suffering pain as it becomes intolerable teaches our egoistic nature, based on the “pain/pleasure” software how it is worthwhile to proceed based on the collected experience. Thus the next step on the developmental ladder is fully logical, reasonable from the egoistic calculation point of view.

Still today we are facing a great problem. If we can’t change this instinctive way of developing, always waiting for the intolerable suffering to move us forward, we will play Russian roulette with our survival and sooner or later that single, killer bullet will find its way into the barrel.


The Hidden Plan


What we are not aware of yet is that our evolution, developmental path is not random. We actually exist in a fully organised, purposefully built, vast cosmic system that progresses along a predetermined plan leading to a set final goal. Until this point we have been blind to this plan, automatically acting out our role in it. We have been led through a certain preparation, training unconsciously, without knowing what we are created for.

It is only now when on one hand increasing amount of people start worrying about our potential, imminent self-destruction, and on the other hand many can’t suppress the burning question about the meaning of existence any longer, there is a chance of exciting the unconscious path and start a different, fully aware development.

Human beings are assigned a very unique, special role within nature’s vast, cosmic system. We are supposed to become the independent, conscious mind, benevolent guardians that can complete the otherwise perfect system lacking a “thinking head”. In order to fulfil this unique role, which requires a “dual personality” – on one hand existing outside, independent of the system, on the other hand merging with it, by fully adapting into it – humanity had to start its development from a distant, opposite point of view, from an opposite standpoint, inclination.

This is why humanity instead of being instinctively integrated within the system, automatically following its mutual guarantee -selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration – we are born as proud, unique, individualistic creatures, competing, fighting with each other and the system for survival, exploiting everything for selfish gain.

We were given time and space to try everything, all permutations of social, economic and governing systems our proud, analytic human mind could conjure up, in order to prove to ourselves that by following our own, “reasonable” development based on human logic we end up exterminating ourselves.

Following the present natural “path of suffering”, according to the plan of evolution – through the increasing and unremitting suffering – we would need to reach the state of standing at the edge of the cliff, feeling the loaded gun put to our forehead, in order to agree to change our selfish, egoistic paradigm to a selfless, mutually complementing one so we can integrate into nature’s system and start fulfilling our evolutionary role.


A Different Path


Although pain is our most potent teacher, there are different kinds of pains we can use to drive, pull us towards our next evolutionary degree. The path of suffering is based on either direct physical, mental suffering, pain or on the lack of fulfilment for our desires, necessities.

There is another type of pain where we are “suffering” although seemingly all of our usual animate and social desires, necessities are fully catered for. This is the state of “suffering of love”, an insatiable yearning,  lack for something that seems to be out of our reach.

Besides the hormonal infatuation where we fall in love, “seemingly out of the blue“ with another person – although most of the time we also find the other “beloved” person through the environment – usually we start yearning for something that was made desirable by our current environment.

Within the inherent, selfish, egoistic paradigm the “object of desire” is always egocentric, self-serving, not changing our overall direction. But using a unique, purposeful environment we can generate a new desire, yearning towards a new state, completely new direction that could guide us towards changing our present, self-destructing paradigm. With the right method, and with suitable fellow participants we can use such special environment as a “human incubator” hastening our development, shifting it from the present path of suffering to a pleasant, adventurous path.


The Incubator


Although our main, openly functioning operating software is the above mentioned selfish, egoistic “pleasure/pain” program,  deep inside, hidden in our DNA we also possess another,  earlier, seemingly outdated program.

While human beings seem and behave very different, opposite to all other elements, creatures of the vast, cosmic natural system, we also evolved from this system and until the “final touches”, until we received our last “operating software upgrade” sharply separating humans from apes, we were just as instinctively integrated into the system as all other natural elements and living creatures.

This primordial, natural software is suppressed, over-ridden by our selfish, egoistic human operating program and until this proud, selfish, egoistic software is suspended, deactivated the primordial,  natural program can’t be revived.

Suspension, deactivation of the selfish, egoistic human operating software could happen through the above mentioned incomprehensible suffering, intolerable pain waiting for humanity at the end of the instinctive path of suffering. But the same selfish software can be weakened while the primordial selfless, altruistic software awakened at the same time through the right environmental conditions.

The relentless plan of evolution – that on one hand drives us towards our destined role through the path of suffering, using our inherent selfish and egoistic program – also opens up another potential path in front of us in order to give us free choice.

While the instinctive, selfish egoistic software uses the animate desires of food, sex and family; and the social desires of wealth, dominion over others, and accumulating knowledge driving us forward, today also as part of the evolutionary plan a new desire, yearning wakes up in people. This yearning pulls people towards revealing, attaining the human purpose in life with the increasingly burning, irrepressible question of “what is the meaning of my life?”.

There are people who can’t ignore, suppress this question any longer by immersing themselves into the usual animate and social desires of this world. These desires become more and more meaningless for them without an actual overall purpose providing true meaning. Sooner or later these people find themselves in a unique, purposeful human environment, incubator where they can start exercising the only free choice human beings have.


Free Choice


As we mentioned above the plan of evolution is relentlessly driving us towards our destined, preordained role in the perfect, cosmic natural system. Although we believe in personal free choice in truth we don’t even have collective freedom to choose what we are doing. We are all instinctively driven by our instinctive nature, hormones and we blindly follow nature’s plan oblivious to this plan.

We can’t do anything about the final goal, about the role we need to fulfil, but we received a chance of determining the way through which we get there.

We can either reach our final purpose, position pressed by the ruthless steamroller of evolution, at the end “choosing” altruistic mutual guarantee in human society through intolerable suffering; or we can change our path proactively, in advance deciding to change our inherent inclination and proceed towards the required selfless, altruistic paradigm before the blows and sufferings reach us.

Superficially this looks like a done deal, after all who would be foolish enough to choose suffering. But this is not that simple. In order to shift paradigm we would need to rise above our inherent nature and one can’t just decide from within one’s own nature to get another one. After all we can’t lift ourselves up by pulling our own hair as one can’t commit suicide by deciding to hold one’s own breath.

Moreover in order to have a choice one needs two options to choose from. As we mentioned above underneath our obvious, overwhelming, selfish, egoistic operating software in our DNA we also possess the primordial, natural, selfless and altruistic software from earlier stages of our development. But being governed by the selfish, egoistic software from birth we are not even aware of that “other software” available.

Those people who already can’t suppress their burning desire towards revealing and attaining the purpose of their existence feel this way because small fragments, gene segments of that primordial software have been suddenly unconsciously switched on, become reactivated in them as part of the plan of evolution. Those small fragments are not strong enough by themselves to initiate significant, meaningful changes in their behaviour. Those gene segments have no chance of overriding the ruling, selfish, egoistic software.

But in that unique human environment, human incubator they can be developed, grown, intensified to an extent that such changeover, override becomes possible. One’s only free choice, finding the way to prevent intolerable, incomprehensible suffering reaching humanity, is only in choosing the right environment as that environment will determine one’s guiding values and primary goal in life.

These people who are lead into the human incubator can decide, determine if they follow this environment towards revealing and attaining their purpose in life, even against their own inherent nature; or they return to their “previous life” continuing to follow the values, aspirations of the majority according to one’s inherent nature.


The Miraculous Game Of Life


The unique, purposeful, mutual work in this human incubator is twofold. On one hand they artificially play-act for each other selfless, altruistic service of others, constantly raising the importance of reaching their common goal of selflessly integrating with each other, in order to integrate with nature’s system so they can learn about their role in it.

By imitating, artificially pretending selfless bestowal they intensify those hidden primordial “gene segments”while also connecting those fragments, memory pieces of natural mutual guarantee with one another. This in turn helps awakening, reactivating the rest of that dormant “mutual guarantee software” in them.

At the same time the still artificial, but devotedly played selfless mutual service, mutual care towards one another weakens, confuses the instinctive self-protective shield of the instinctive nature. The mutually generated atmosphere of warm, brotherly unity, bond lulls the inherent nature into false security, while underneath the primordial selfless program gradually awakens, stars working.

A strange dual personality develops even if they themselves are not aware of it for a long time. Instead of the single, selfish and egoistic software driving their development through moving away from painful situations, the re-awakening primordial, altruistic software mixes into their calculations, decision making.

While they are still instinctively pushed forward by the original pleasure/pain calculations, at the same time the altruistic “mutual guarantee software” provides them with a different option, projecting ahead a desirable path towards their mutual goal. Thus they are not developing any longer through the usual, natural, “reasonable way” learning what the next optimal state should be as a result of their actual state becoming intolerable.

The next optimal, more altruistic, selfless state “candidly” projected by the re-awakened primordial software starts pulling them forward above the instinctive selfish path.

It is as if a five year old child doesn’t simply, naturally, through trial and error grows into a six year old child. Instead the child suddenly receives a vivid preview of what it feels like to be a six year old child. As a result the child receives a strong desire to become six year old, knowing exactly what it actually means from the candid preview received.

This “miracle” of receiving the full sensation, experience of existence on the next developmental level before actually getting there helps preventing the so far necessary mistakes, sufferings, “punishments” developing child instinctively. Thus instead of “being beaten” to it the five year old child consciously, purposefully takes aim at becoming a six year old.

These revelations experienced as “miracles” from the perspective of the person developing, since they don’t have the usual “reasonable, logical” foundations based on learning from intolerable pain. But they are not miracles from the viewpoint of the natural system and its evolutionary plan, although from the viewpoint of the developing subjects they feel as “illogical, above reason” jumps.

Such “evolutionary jumps” facilitated by the reactivated altruistic software can shift human development from the path of suffering to a different, more conscious, pleasant path. And the more experience the people mutually activating this program gain, the more consciously they can use their mutual incubator.

Thus people, by using their only free choice of choosing the right, purposeful environment, building this unique human incubator in between them, with the concrete goal of revealing and attaining the meaning of their lives, can take their future development, fate into their own hands.

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