One Step Ahead

  Without Individual Free Choice We consider ourselves unique, independent individuals with free choice, who can more or less decide how the flow of their lives unfolds. We look at human history as a chain of events ignited, influenced by great heroes, explorers, pioneers, inventors. But in truth we are like tiny drops in the … More One Step Ahead

Climbing The Mountain Fuelled By Envy

  Anchored To Comfort Zone Although our natural tendency is inclined towards rest, taking holidays, staying within comfort zone, in order to grow and develop we can not stop, but have to keep changing, moving. We need to imagine our lives as a constant climb toward the peak of a high mountain. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying … More Climbing The Mountain Fuelled By Envy

Miracles In The Incubator

Path of suffering   Until today and even right now humanity has been developing instinctively, automatically lead by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. This nature with a simple operating software written on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” constantly drives us towards greater personal pleasures, while moving us away from real or expected painful stimuli. Since at the … More Miracles In The Incubator

Infinite Sweetness

  The Sweet Natural Truth   When we look at the system of nature around us we see very simple equations. Everything tries to return to, keep balance and homeostasis. On one hand each element from the inanimate, vegetative to the animate parts of the system makes calculations for self-preservation, constantly acquiring what they need for … More Infinite Sweetness

The Stampede

Incompatibility As the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, and the worrying barbaric chaos engulfing even Western societies tries to show us, our artificial human bubble we keep stubbornly inflating is not compatible with the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in. All through human history we have been trying to prove how human beings … More The Stampede