Infinite Sweetness


The Sweet Natural Truth


When we look at the system of nature around us we see very simple equations. Everything tries to return to, keep balance and homeostasis.

On one hand each element from the inanimate, vegetative to the animate parts of the system makes calculations for self-preservation, constantly acquiring what they need for basic survival necessities while keeping themselves away from harm as much as possible. This basic operating program driving each comprising element of the system is based on this simple “pleasure/pain principle”.

But on top of the individual calculations, overriding it the laws, principles of “mutual guarantee” govern the whole system.

Mutual guarantee means a state where each comprising element primarily makes calculations for the optimal function, development and well-being of the whole system before making those “pleasure/pain” or “sweet/bitter” calculations for themselves. The need, optimal state of the collective, selfless, altruistic service towards the whole overrides the personal needs, calculations. There is no individual mind, reason in action only a collective one, the individual parts blindly trusting the system for receiving their own necessities.

Being integrated in that collective mind, mutual circulation and communication also guarantees that each comprising element is fully aware of their actual necessities and roles within the system. Moreover when the system can’t provide those necessities the individual parts accept their fate, that they became surplus to actual requirements.

Species disappear through evolution serving as precursors for later species, the weak ones in the animal kingdom are naturally hunted and eaten as preys to help the predators survive, in our body cells are deactivated, replaced, organs shut down through maturation processes, in case of emergency and so on. The overall balance and homeostasis of the system is above everything else as otherwise sustaining life and optimal development wouldn’t be possible.

In the fully integrated elements of the natural system there is no separate individual calculation towards “truth or falsehood” since existing by default as integrated parts of the system makes the notion of truth – all calculations based on the balance and homeostasis of the whole system – a given.

Thus the “truth” is also “sweet” as each element “thinks and calculates” through the collective mind.


Missing Mutual Guarantee


Humanity is very different.

Although at first the initial humans were very close to the other parts of the natural “garden of Eden” as they started evolving a startling difference emerged. It turns out that the instinctive sense of belonging to the system, the automatic participation, contribution to mutual guarantee in relation to human society or towards the natural system is completely missing in people.

From the beginning we all sense ourselves as unique individuals. After leaving the mother’s womb we all feel “abandoned” by “mother nature”, forced to cater, fight for our own survival. In more modern times this abandonment is “sweetened” by the care one receives from loving parents, extended family members in optimal scenarios, but through the competitive upbringing, education we very soon find ourselves in a hostile, “dog eat dog” world with constant, ruthless, exclusive fight towards one another.

In our basic essence we also work on the “sweet or bitter” pleasure/pain principle, making all calculations towards greater, sweeter pleasures for ourselves and constantly distancing ourselves away from bitter pain. Our whole life is about securing, fighting for our own necessities, survival.

But our “truth” is based on our individual, disconnected mind without the “gold standard” of the natural system to guide us. Since we don’t belong to the natural mutual guarantee and we are not part of that perfect mutual circulation, communication. we can only guess what our true necessities are and what role we should be fulfilling in humanity and towards the whole system.


Human Distortion


Without the absolute knowledge, “gold standard” only mutual guarantee could provide we are left in the dark to make up our own truth. This “man-made truth” has been changing constantly through human history depending on our social development.

We realized from get go – being inherently social creatures – that for our survival we need to exist in human societies. Thus societies evolved from families, tribes, villages, towns, cities, counties, nations, regions, continents to the modern “global village”. As a result we have gone through multiple permutations of the “truth” – different social, economic and governing systems – trying to build stable, sustainable societies.

The greatest problem is that even if we arrive to agree on a common “truth” – an optimal looking social, economic, governance arrangement for building our societies upon -, our personal truth – exploiting everything for personal gain, providing complete fulfillment for our individual “sweet/bitter” calculations – overrides, distorts and corrupts the common “truth” each and every time.

This is why human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles where after initial, hopeful starts we always end up in dead end crisis situations that are “resolved” by violent explosions.

Without mutual guarantee in human society we can’t keep our individual truth under control in favor of the common truth.

Interestingly even our “sweet/bitter” calculations have been changing. While at the beginning human basic necessities were identical to the natural necessities to that of animals, through our social development, technological advances, through “habit becoming second nature”, driven by the constant need for more, greater, spicier pleasures, we started quantitatively and qualitatively distorting, augmenting our “necessities”.

This change has become exponential in our modern times. Even the most basic, natural desires like food, sex and family received their modern twists, gradually disconnecting them from their natural origins. Today food and sex for example have become “stand alone” fetishes, marketing ploys, resembling very little to their humble natural “natural necessity” origins.

Without integration to the natural system we forgot what we are, who we are, what we need, we constantly make up new “human laws” as we go according to actual fashion. Thus overall we are groping in the dark, stumbling from one vicious cycle to another while even on the “animate”, “sweet/bitter” level we are doubting, contradicting, poisoning ourselves, destroying our health, our “humanity”.


Time To Take The Bitter Medicine


Today this human distortion reached a critical crossroad. We are on the threshold of self-destruction on multiple fronts. We are sinking into a constantly deepening global crisis, and since we have absolutely no understanding about our true situation, about the natural system we exist in all our “solutions” are just making things even worse.

We are nearing the end of our current vicious cycle sleepwalking into the next violent, explosive “resolution”. And since the last one dragged us through two consecutive world wars with terrible devastation, the next such explosion could wipe all of us out.

And we are not only at war with each other but we are also at war with the natural system around us. In our present form, perpetuating our false, unnatural human bubble we are incompatible with nature’s system, with the direction of natural evolution. And considering that this system is infinitely greater, stronger than our species we can’t even hope to win this war.

The vast natural system, the flow of evolution can’t, won’t change. We live in a system of unbending, iron laws. Only we can change, adapt, provided we want to survive and continue our evolution.

In order to adapt, to integrate into nature’s system we have to reach similarity with it. In order to reach similarity we have to build an artificial state of mutual guarantee within human society against and above our inherent nature. We have to swallow the bitter medicine, accepting the “upper truth” from nature’s evolutionary system above our own “sweet truth”.


Work In The Human Laboratory


Obviously such fundamental, “supernatural” – above and against the inherent human nature – changes can’t be initiated, performed in the whole global human society all at once. Also changes that are made in panic, running away from pain, suffering like headless chickens are not real, sustainable. The initial treatment, testing the bitter medicine, seeing its effects needs to happen in small, pioneering “human laboratories”.

The experimental treatment needs to be administered in unique mutual human circles among special “empirical, natural scientists” who – beyond being worried for their future survival – are also interested in their purpose of life, interested in the structure and laws of natural system they exist in.

By fully committing themselves to reach the desired mutual guarantee, mutually supporting each other, they can start building the necessary mutually complementing, selfless service towards one another. They need a unique, purposeful method that is capable of drawing assistance from nature’s evolutionary force in order to overcome their inherent “sweet/bitter” calculations, overcome their “personal, selfish truth” to accept the template from nature’s system.

From their inherently selfish point of view this template is very bitter, obliging them to raise the importance of the others in the circle above themselves, accepting their needs and desires over their own, fulfilling those other desires as if it was theirs without any subjective judgement, calculation or distortion.

Such self-annulment, becoming “dust under the feet of the others” wouldn’t be possible without assistance from nature’s evolutionary force. But since with their purposeful direction, aim they reach initial similarity with evolution’s general direction, this primordial natural force, wave becomes their partner, infusing the atmosphere of the “human laboratory”, lifting them above their selves, assisting their self-annulment towards one another.


Gaining New Truth


When they finally reach true mutual guarantee, pure, selfless, altruistic service of each other that state provides them with similarity of form with nature’s system. They created a unique, mutual “radio receiver” capable of receiving the broadcast from nature’s system. They can “hack into” nature’s infinite database downloading any information they want, as long as they maintain their similarity and general purpose of altruistic integration within the system.

As a result they start understanding how the system works, they can attain, touch, taste all cause and effect processes, see evolution’s flow from its beginning to its end through their selfless, weightless, transparent observer point. Suddenly they receive the absolute, “gold standard” truth from nature’s system which completely overwhelms their inherent, selfish, egoistic truth.

Accordingly they also start re-evaluating their “sweet/bitter” calculations. Being integrated into the natural system finally they start attaining what their true natural necessities are and what their destined role within the system is. This leads to an unprecedented, qualitatively higher, effortless existence, freely, exploring, roaming within nature’s infinite system, flowing together with evolution’s rolling, predetermined wave.

The remedy, the bitter truth they had to swallow against their inherent nature turns to sweet like honey.


Comparative Research


From here they suddenly start understanding that everything they have gone through from the initial, seemingly harmful “human mutation” of missing mutual guarantee, through all the failures, vicious cycles, destruction until the entry into the special human laboratory was necessary,serving their own good. Without starting from an opposite nature, opposite direction, without starting from the uniquely independent, selfish and egoistic point of view they would have never been able to reach the necessary contrast that provides their newly gained clear perception of reality with infinite depth, resolution.

Only through such great contrast can an observer gain full consciousness, awareness of the final state of integration into the system. This is the unique human uniqueness compared to the “unconscious animals”, reaching full integration into nature’s system without losing the status of independent, fully aware observer. Thus even past sufferings, torments become fully justified, sweetened standing, hanging there as stones to weigh with.

The only task remaining for these pioneer scientists is facilitating, helping the rest of humanity through the same path, first gently, carefully offering them the “bitter medicine” of mutual guarantee, then guiding, facilitating them as they gradually start feeling how bitter turns to sweet in their mouth as they also enter the system, the new dimension of perception.


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