Noah’s Ark

Overwhelmed By A Modern Flood It seems today we are in great need of another Noah’s Ark. Humanity is flooded with a tsunami of crisis situations, all our human systems, ideologies are breaking down. Moreover the natural environment is also suffering badly. While we are still debating our human responsibility for it, climate change is … More Noah’s Ark

The Translators

Translation A translator doesn’t simply change a word in a certain language to a word in another language. The person translating needs to know the meaning of the word, it’s “taste”, “color”, the right usage and context. When translating a person doesn’t simply create a new text from an old one, but tries to give … More The Translators

Return To “Religion”

End Of An Era In our generation our proud, “secular” human experiment, trying to build a human civilization, purely based on our own mind, driven by the “standalone” human reasoning comes to an end. Its final phase, the so called “liberal democratic” paradigm, that attempted to delete, replace all remaining ancient, traditional moral, human values, … More Return To “Religion”

Embryo And Mother

Human Tragedy Although we are not consciously aware of this, the greatest, single most important tragedy of our human lives is leaving our mother’s womb. The state of the embryo within the mother’s womb is the most perfect, most optimal possible state a living being can be in. All necessities, desires are immediately and perfectly … More Embryo And Mother

Spice Of Life

Pleasure, But Mostly Pain… Our basic matter driving us, keeping us alive is the desire for pleasures, a desire to fulfill our necessities. This determines our operating software which is “written” on a fully self-centered “pleasure/pain principle”. While our main aim is the reception of pleasures, to reach absolute contentment for ourselves, still the strongest … More Spice Of Life

Opening The Mind

Limited Perception We are all born with an instinctively self-serving and self-justifying nature. As a result our “personal computer” that works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” can only make calculations for the sole benefit of the self. And in order to make its function most effective this personal computer and is operating software filters, focuses … More Opening The Mind

The Womb

  Loss We all come to life through our mothers. We all get conceived, nurtured, grown inside our mother’s womb. Of course since this process is natural, “automatic” we are not fully, consciously aware of it, we take the whole process for granted. It is usually not until we lose our biological mothers either physically, … More The Womb

The Evolution Of Fear

  Motivated By Fear Our basic operating software is very simple. We are driven to action either by the attraction of pleasure, or by the fear from pain, suffering. Every thought, decision, action is operated by this self-centred “pleasure/pain principle”. The fear of pain, fear of losing what we have is a much stronger motivational force than … More The Evolution Of Fear