The Sentient Clockwork


The Cogwheel’s Awakening

Let us imagine a state when one morning we woke up sensing very clearly, without a doubt that we are fully integrated, embedded cogwheels in a vast, cosmic machinery. In that state one has absolutely no freedom of movement or even freedom of thought, since the fully integrated cogwheel has to turn in the same direction, with the same speed along all the other cogwheels, otherwise the clockwork doesn’t function properly but breaks.

Looking at such a state from our present self-centred viewpoint, perception there would be nobody who wouldn’t consider the integrated cogwheel role as a terrible nightmare. One would have not one moment for oneself but with all of one’s thoughts, actions one would be serving the clockwork without any excuses, pauses.

Thus we all consider it very bad news that through the events of the deepening global crisis, through the latest results from our contemporary sciences we reveal that actually we are such cogwheels in a vast, cosmic clockwork. And we have chance of opting out of this role. We all exist in a global, fully integrated human system where each and every human being is completely dependent on everybody else. And this fully integrated human system is similarly fully integrated within the natural system we all evolved from.

This integration, the process of “globalisation” is not man-made but it is an evolutionary necessity. The human species couldn’t survive, continue developing in the vast, cosmic natural system driven by evolution’s creating force, without adapting to it, being fully integrated in it.


Time Of Final Preparation

We can continue resisting, perceiving this clockwork state as a nightmare, trying to wriggle our way out of it even if we understood that it is impossible. Or we can find a way of appreciating this state, rejoicing by the fact that we exist in such a fully integrated system, having the chance of mutually serving each other, sensing the fine and precise machinery in all its splendour.

At the moment we are still in a transitional period where mentally, theoretically we already understand what it means to exist in a global, integral system. But in practice we still don’t feel it “through our bones”, we still have that false conviction that we can think and act independently as we don’t see the direct and immediate consequences of our actions. Such direct responsibility for our actions is still hidden from us.

In our illusory reality we are still in a sort of a neutral state, as if the clutch was still pushed down and the cogwheels are not fully engaged with each other. Thus we still have time to prepare ourselves for the full sense of integration, absolute mutual responsibility.

If I start to feel myself in a system where I am fully and directly responsible for each and every other person and the rest of the world beyond them, while I still consider all of them and the whole world as foreign, alien and faraway objects that have nothing to do with me, than the subsequent integration and mutual responsibility will give us the sense of being a slave. In such an enslaved state we might completely lose any desire to live and act.

But if I realised that the whole system with all of its people and the inanimate, vegetative and animate layers of nature all belongs to me, it is all mine, I start to feel very differently. A mother for example never complains for serving her children regardless of how how many children she has, and regardless of how much time she has for herself.

Serving our families, loved ones is a given, we do it automatically without selfish calculations. But even outside of the family circle we can find professions where people like teachers, doctors, policemen, fireman, social workers and many others dedicate their lives, many times including their free time, for the service of others who they don’t have familial connections with.

Of course these are still only faint examples, since those people took such service as their professions, jobs, receiving reward, salary for such service. They can take a vacation or retire after a while to spend time for themselves, disengage from the public service.

And the mother’s love is instinctive, supplied, driven by instinctive nature. Still such examples show that we have the seeds, the potential capability of conscious, proactive service of others within us. Thus before the full sense of mutual guarantee, fully obligated and unconditional mutual service of others dawns on us, before the cosmic, natural clutch, concealment is released, we can learn the benefits and proper application of such mutual guarantee in our present state.


Trying To Acquire True Foundations

Obviously such fundamental change of perception, altruistic mutual service cannot be taught, “uploaded” into the whole of humanity all at once. But it can be achieved in small, mutual circles of people that obligate themselves to that common goal of building mutual guarantee in between them.

The state of mutual guarantee can only be reached when “love of others” – being in a total sense of dedication, responsibility, absolute care and concern towards others – overcomes one’s instinctive, inbuilt “self-love”.

In truth while staying in the subjective, introverted “self-loving” inclination we are born with, instinctively, exclusively driven by self-service and self-justification in any given circumstances, we don’t even have comprehension about the true notions of love and hate. Both “love” and “hate” is only viewed, assessed from the  viewpoint of the egoistic self in a very singular, two dimensional manner. I love what is good for me and hate what is bad for me.

Love and hate can only be assessed, truly sensed from an objective “truth/false” point of view, when one can clearly declare what is objectively good and bad for oneself and for other people. A mother for example has a very clear, instinctive, natural sense of what is good or bad for her baby.

She loves and attracts everything that is good for her baby. Whenever her baby is happy and healthy, developing well it gives her a warm, irrepressible loving feeling that completely fulfils her. And whatever is harmful for her baby she hates vehemently, trying to reject it, fight against it with all her might.

Since humanity has been developing in an artificial bubble we built based on our selfish pride, thinking we are above nature’s system and can establish our own laws, we have no such objective standards, clear sense of truth and false towards each other and the system around us. We live based on twisted, distorted, unnatural values and foundations, causing constant harm for each other and for ourselves.

For real values, standards in human society we would need to exist fully integrated within nature’s system, sensing its flow of life, it’s “global, integral” communication, being totally immersed, dissolved in it.


The Breakthrough

Such integration can only be acquired by reaching similarity of form with nature’s system. The state of mutual guarantee in a unique, purposeful human environment, starting from small circles extending to encompassing the whole species can give us such access.

Only love of others above self love can give us the capability of building mutual guarantee but only through mutual guarantee can we understand what true love is. How can we break through this seemingly unsolvable paradox?

The truth is we can’t.

We can’t solve this Gordian knot but we can build an overwhelming desire, need for such solution. In the above mentioned unique, small mutual circles, when fully committed people are working with 100% effort towards the state of mutual guarantee, they can acquire such insatiable, irrepressible yearning that reaches the feeling of “even death is better than living without it”.

Even before reaching this feeling, getting ready for a breakthrough from that seemingly unsolvable paradox, the participants of such circles already start sensing “love and hate” in a mutual, integral way, focused towards their common goal instead of basing such notions on selfish calculations. They start to love every step and opportunity they can take towards their mutual goal, and hate every time their inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature tries pulling them back from reaching that goal.

Even before reaching mutual guarantee they know with full certainty that the only “evil” in the world is their inherently selfish, egoistic inclination stopping people building selfless, unconditional service towards one another.

Such clear recognition and the acquired mutual insatiable yearning for mutual guarantee “opens the gate” drawing in the assistance of nature’s evolutionary force. The similarity in between the clear, unblemished, pure desire from the circle of participants, and the plan of evolution moving towards full integration above diversity, complexity – while still keeping diversity and complexity undisturbed – opens the gate and the participants start sensing a new nature, inclination being born in them.

A new power, capability to selflessly, unconditionally serve others and the system appears above and despite their original selfish inclination, that doesn’t disappear but provides them with the necessary contrast for clear perception.



The new existence through true mutual guarantee, sensing, perceiving through selfless, unconditional service to others gives people unrestricted insight into the marvellous cosmic clockwork we exist in. One can recognise, observe, touch and taste all cause and effect processes, understanding the function of each intricate detail. One can now understand how and why this vast cosmic system was built and exactly what crucial role each and every individual plays in it.

This overwhelming marvel completely disconnect one from sensing personal, individual existence. The people of that successful mutual circle only feel a general, mutual circulation, communication, in a constant taste of perfection. As a result the selfless, unconditionally, transparent service of the whole collective, turning together with the other cogwheels becomes the most beautiful, effortless action instead of the original nightmarish sensation.


In A New Coordinate System

Through the new, selfless, altruistic and integral perception we can enter a completely new coordinate system where time, space and motion means very different notions than in our present, limited and subjective paradigm.

In our present subjective, corporeal world the coordinates of time, space and motion are centred around our selfish ego making all calculations. We are all like “black holes” operated by our own, individual gravitational fields, attracting or rejecting reality around us according to the instinctive, egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”.

Time, space or motion are all measured, calculated according to our subjective position towards our next expected pleasure or our distance from the nearest, most threatening painful scenario. As a result time expands, condenses in relation to the intensity of such egocentric calculations.

But all calculations, without exception are made solely related to the egoistic self. The “spring”, battery providing the fuel for our clock is at the expense of reality around us. We exploit everything and everybody in order to justify our own existence.

The selfless, integral, objective perception after entering nature’s system through similarity changes completely how the coordinates of time, space and motion are sensed. Within that selfless, integral state all calculations are based on the well-being and optimal function, development of the whole, magnificent system.

The fuel, battery driving development is the full justification of the existence of the system, acknowledging, marvelling at the plan of evolution. And this justification, acknowledgement happens at the expense of the inherent, selfish egoistic matter people are born with.

From One End To The Other In No Time

Perception, research, attainment unfolds through similarity of form in between the researcher and the researched. Difference of form, difference of qualities distances while similarity brings closer entities in the integral system. By default human beings are born with a nature, matter that is completely opposite to the selfless, altruistic qualities of nature’s system.

But initially we are only scratching the surface of our inherent nature, we are only aware of a tiny sliver of our true selfish egos. Even overcoming that tiny sliver, reaching initial similarity with nature’s system requires that above mentioned unique human environment and the practical method, diligently working towards mutual guarantee.

After reaching initial similarity through mutual guarantee, entering the system, buoyed by the opportunity to exploit this new dimension, deeper layers of this inherent egoistic matter wake up trying to pull the new attainment into the depth of the personal, egoistic black holes. If those mutually committed people in the circle continue their purposeful work in the unique human circle, laboratory, through their strengthening mutual guarantee they can sacrifice, burn ever deeper layers of the inherent egoistic matter.

As a result they can get deeper, more intense similarity with the system and a deeper, higher resolution and attainment of it.

Time in this respect describes the steps, the number of layers they reveal and burn from the egoistic matter on the way of reaching full similarity and adhesion, integration with the system. Space is the covered, revealed area in between the depth of egoistic matter unearthed and the height of attainment in the selfless, altruistic system.

At the end of the process those continuing to work on the ever intensifying mutual guarantee, constantly burning the inherent egoistic matter, finally reveal and cover the space from the greatest depth of selfish, egoistic matter to the highest, most sublime peak of selfless, altruistic love and care towards others. At that point time becomes condensed to zero, the whole of boundless, limitless system compressed into a point. Researcher and researched reach complete adhesion through full equivalence of form.




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