Modi’s Financial Strike Trump’s election victory in the US wasn’t the only political, social earthquake shaking the world recently. At 8.00 pm on the 8th of November 2016 1.4 billion Indians were shaken by Prime Minister Modi’s financial strike against corruption. In India despite the banking system, electronic or credit card transactions developing rapidly, most … More Demonitization

Opening The Mind

Limited Perception We are all born with an instinctively self-serving and self-justifying nature. As a result our “personal computer” that works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” can only make calculations for the sole benefit of the self. And in order to make its function most effective this personal computer and is operating software filters, focuses … More Opening The Mind

One Step Ahead

  Without Individual Free Choice We consider ourselves unique, independent individuals with free choice, who can more or less decide how the flow of their lives unfolds. We look at human history as a chain of events ignited, influenced by great heroes, explorers, pioneers, inventors. But in truth we are like tiny drops in the … More One Step Ahead

Sixth Sense

  Finding Ourselves In A New Paradigm We perceive this physical world through our five physical senses. Today through our personal experiences, and through scientific revelations we start to understand that the reality we actually perceive is highly subjective, personal. It is not enough that our physical senses are each individually “tuned” with smaller or … More Sixth Sense

The Evolution Of Fear

  Motivated By Fear Our basic operating software is very simple. We are driven to action either by the attraction of pleasure, or by the fear from pain, suffering. Every thought, decision, action is operated by this self-centred “pleasure/pain principle”. The fear of pain, fear of losing what we have is a much stronger motivational force than … More The Evolution Of Fear