One Step Ahead


Without Individual Free Choice

We consider ourselves unique, independent individuals with free choice, who can more or less decide how the flow of their lives unfolds. We look at human history as a chain of events ignited, influenced by great heroes, explorers, pioneers, inventors. But in truth we are like tiny drops in the unstoppable rolling wave of evolution that drives us towards a predetermined final state, regardless of our conscious awareness or agreement.

Those great people of history we keep commemorating for example are lucky (or unlucky) individuals at the right place at the right time. If it wasn’t for them other individuals would have taken their place, perhaps with slightly different “personal colour or taste” but “guiding, facilitating” evolution’s flow in the same unstoppable direction nevertheless.

We don’t have any individual free choice at all. We are completely controlled by genetic heritage, upbringing, education and by the influence of the actual environment we live in. We are at the cross section of the longitudinal chain of past and future generations and the horizontal field of the present generation we live in.


Driven By Pain

Still we can find a small measure of, but very significant “collective free choice”.  Through a very unique environment we can open up a “wormhole”, a gateway in time, through which we can influence evolution’s flow and change our development from an instinctive, automatic, unconscious and suffering filled path to a conscious, proactive and pleasant one.

At present we are developing through an unconscious, natural path, driven by pain. We make evolutionary jumps, take the next step in our development by reaching an intolerable state, from which we simply have no other choice but to move on. Human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles. We start building a new civilisation, combination of social, economic and political systems that is gradually distorted, corrupted by our inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature. As a result we reach a deep crisis, dead-end situation which is then “resolved” by a violent explosion like economic collapse, revolution or war or a combination of those. Then we start building a new, hopeful civilisation on the ruins of the last one, until we reach the next inevitable dead-end and explosion.

Today we reached a global crisis encompassing all levels of human activity. It is not enough we still can’t even scratch the surface regarding understanding natural reality, its forces acting on us, forced to revert to philosophical theories, science fiction ideas in our hopeless search for the “theory of everything”. Even the human systems we conduct our lives through are falling apart, imminent disasters threatening our very existence.

In truth we have no idea about the evolutionary plan pushing us, developing us, we don’t know what it has in store for us. Thus we can’t figure out how we could prepare ourselves for the next steps on the path. So we are in a dire need for a practical method that could help us revealing the evolutionary plan we are developed by, giving us advice how to avoid learning by painful blows, how to avoid climbing the evolutionary ladder pushed by intolerable suffering.


Instruction Guide To Reality

Fortunately we have such a practical method, an “Instruction Guide To Reality” prepared by a chain of unique, empirical natural scientists, who – on the merit of their special sensitivity and a unique combination of environmental conditions – managed to reveal and study nature’s evolutionary plan from its primordial beginning to its predetermined final plan.

Such revelation, as any research, perception is only possible by reaching similarity, integration with the the researched object, notion.

Nature’s system guided by the plan of evolution is permeated, sustained by the state of mutual guarantee. Mutual guarantee means a state where all comprising elements of the fully integrated system selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally, mutually serve and complement each other. Only such unconditional integration and mutually complementing collaboration can provide a single all encompassing network for the circulation, communication safeguarding, facilitating life flow and sustainable existence for the whole collective. This law, principle is true for all individual organisms and also for the whole cosmic collective comprised from those individual organisms. Without this principle life, optimal development is impossible as even our own biological bodies show us.

These unique scientists achieved such mutual guarantee within small groups, developing selfless, altruistic and unconditional service, care for one another. And through the similarity they thus achieved with nature, through the ensuing integration they received an unprecedented insider access, view of the system. They managed to decode all cause and effect processes, mapped out the full plan of evolution, thus they also understood the unique, unparalleled role humanity is destined to reach within the system. As a result they merited to compose that “Instruction Guide To Reality” that could help people – that are ready to take their development into their own hands – shifting it from the instinctive “path of suffering” to a much better, conscious path.


Creating A Unique Precognition

The main principle of the practical method is giving tools and guidance to people, so they could project ahead of them their next, ideal, desired, higher degree, so they could aim precisely towards it and prepare themselves for it. Then instead of developing from pain, blows pushing them from behind they could proactively “run towards” the next state, in constant preparation, as if always “one step ahead of the blows”.

The ideal final state of humanity within nature’s system is complete integration within, with full attainment of the working, the plan of the system, becoming partners with evolution’s creating force, truly becoming the “crowns of creation”. This can only be achieved by a true, working mutual guarantee, selfless, altruistic, unconditional service towards each other.

So each next, more ideal state is a greater form of mutual guarantee in between people. Thus the task ahead of us is building initially small, purposeful, mutually committed circles from people, who are ready to shift human evolution from its instinctive path to the truly human, proactive one. By using the practical method and tools those primordial scientists established, these people within their circle need to create a unique “precognition” of the next, more ideal state of human evolution.

They need to do that by actively making fully devoted, 100% effort towards reaching selfless, altruistic, mutually serving interconnections in between them, leading to a true mutual guarantee. Through their artificial play-acting, artificially projecting a pretence mutual guarantee towards one another, and by using the authentic “research journals” of the primordial scientists describing their own experiences from within real mutual guarantee, the members of these unique circles can start to envision a realistic picture of that desired next state.


Forcing “Evolution’s Hands”

As such a picture takes form, becomes almost tangible they also start to feel the elemental resistance, rejection towards that state from their inherent selfish, egoistic inclination. For this instinctive inclination there is no more despicable, hated state than selfless, altruistic service of others, giving and loving without reward or even reassuring feedback. People are actually completely unaware of the depth of this selfish, egoistic inner dictator, until they start provoking it in such a unique, purposeful environment.

This inner nature, the instinctive, egoistic inclination is the one that needs to transform through evolution. But now instead of the usual, pain and suffering driven transformation the mutually generated precognition of the next ideal state creates a new situation. Any change in us, especially such fundamental self-change as shifting from an egoistic, selfish inclination to a selfless, altruistic one can only happen through nature’s evolutionary force. We can’t perform such “brain and heart transplant” on ourselves, not even mutually. But the mutually created precognition, the ensuing positive aspiration, the irrepressible and insatiable yearning for that ideal, envisioned next state can force “nature’s hands” to perform that operation on us ahead of schedule.

In that unsolvable deadlock, desperate helplessness the unique circle generates in between the next, yearned for state and the actual state our inherent inclination anchors us to, a “silent prayer”, a true, heartfelt request is born for nature’s evolution to take us to that next, higher, more ideal state, that is closer to real mutual guarantee “ahead of schedule”. And that deep, mutually generated true request to reach that state over our inherent nature, forces nature’s evolutionary system to consent for the operation.


Split Personality

We can never see beyond our next state. From our actual standpoint each next state appears to us as the final, most perfect possible one in complete, selfless, altruistic mutual guarantee with one another. Each next state is expected to become “absolute bliss”, the “Garden of Eden” and when it actually appears such selfless, altruistic service of others above the inherently selfish, egoistic nature feels like a miracle. In truth we are not jumping evolutionary stages, we are not twisting nature’s laws. We are going through the same plan that is already written in our individual and collective DNA’s. But how and in through what kind of awareness we go through it is vastly different.

By building an active precognition of the next expected state, by building a positive yearning for it instead of arriving to the next state “beaten to it”, we sense that new state – even if it is against our inherent inclination – as an incredible reward. We are thus passing over the stages, deleting the pre-planned harsh judgements from evolution’s steamroller, we avoid development by intolerable suffering. We do so by requesting, agreeing to the next state in advance. This is only possible by building a new, conscious, mutual observer point that is proactively yearning for that mutual guarantee and the subsequent integration within nature’s system, despite our instinctive, individual egos considering such state as poison.

By the mutual work in the circle, artificially awakening the next state through a positive aspiration towards it, creates a split personality in us. It is as if a growing child became capable of existing in two levels of development, at the actual and on the one year older level. But in our case it is much more complicated as each higher, more ideal state is more selfless, and mutually complementing compared to the earlier one. And while for the actual, individualistic, selfish and egoistic observer further connection, deeper mutual guarantee literally feels like self-suicide, death; for the more collective, more integrated, mutual aspiration aimed at the final goal each progress is a bliss, each more altruistic breakthrough offers an eternal reward.


The Conscious Human Observer

So taking development into our own hands doesn’t simply hasten our path, helping us to march always a step ahead of inevitable suffering. It also gives us a double existence, a double perception that already prepares us for our final evolutionary goal.

The reason human beings need to evolve through such “flip-flop”, turning head over heel at each new state, shifting from being selfish, egoistic, savage brutes to selfless, altruistic angels is in order to give us an unprecedented contrast, comparative research, finally putting our special, analytic human mind to good, efficient use.  It is in between the contrasts, analysing the deepening differences in between the two directly opposite behavioural directions in reality – in between selfish reception and altruistic bestowal – that we can understand ourselves, and the system we exist in. In this way, we can independently connect to and understand the natural source of the system and its evolutionary plan.

In truth we are neither the egoistic, savage brutes, nor the altruistic angels. Both such forms are directly controlled by nature’s evolutionary force -either by animate hormones, instincts, or by the sheer, overwhelming magnificence of sensing evolution’s system and its plan directly – without any free choice.  The potential “Human Being”, the independent, expert observer is in between the two, keeping the two extreme opposites, like two reins in hand, but not falling for either. We have the opportunity to carefully take over those reins from nature’s creating force, taking over management over our own fate and over the whole system.

But it is a very hard task, requiring a lot of practice and constant awareness.


Tempted By The “Snake”

Since our new development avoids the usual “learning” we receive through the natural, painful progress, each new state reaches us by surprise. We receive a hint, some expectation through our artificially generated “precognition”, but that doesn’t prepare us for the actual state. When we suddenly “fall into” the next state it feels like incomprehensible, indescribable pleasure, as if a new, unexpected world full of wonders and treasures opened up before us.  It is like asking for a small toy car and receiving a Ferrari, or wanting to solve a simple primary school equation but instead given the key to solve all mysteries of quantum physics. And that of course would be fantastic news for our inherent nature.

Although we achieved the new state through aspiring for selfless, altruistic and unconditional service towards others by subduing, overcoming our selfish ego, this opportunistic, “shrewd snake”, hiding reluctantly in the background is immediately ready to claim its reward, when it senses the potential for exploitation.

Our new, “just married” mutual guarantee is simply not strong enough, prepared enough for the unprecedented pleasures awaiting at the next level. Tempted by the “snake” of our inherent inclination the members of the circle take those pleasures for themselves, proudly relishing their new capability. But the moment we accept the pleasures, rewards for ourselves instead of immediately passing them on, letting them flow through to the rest of the system untouched, we lose the hard earned selfless, altruistic state and thus we lose our connection to that higher, more ideal state. We fall back into our original selfish reality only a faint taste remaining from the selfless, altruistic state and the potential capability we have.


In Control

Thus we have double reason to try controlling the process, taking into our hands the two reins, avoiding falling either back into our inherently selfish, egoistic reception or mindlessly disappearing into the magnificence of the new state like a candle into a flaming inferno.

When we finally receive the new, selfless, altruistic capability, and the chance of integrating within the system we actually need to hold ourselves back. We have to become “like Moses”, climbing the mountain but “covering his eyes”, when meeting the single governing force of reality, “only hearing His voice but fearing to look”.  We can accept integration, opening up the system but only in order to immediately pass the appearing, overwhelming life circulation, communication to others, facilitating its undisputed flow through unconditional service.

Such “closing the eyes”, holding back is achieved through practising it, “closing eyes” towards one another other in the mutually supporting circle, blindly, in a “mindless manner” accepting whatever comes from the others in the circle. Only within the centre of mutual self annulment is the safe place, a selfless vacuum, cocoon protecting the members from their selfish egos taking over, and also protecting them from disappearing within the overwhelming magnificence of the integral system.

From within that safe self-generated and sustained cocoon they can continue their adventure, development towards their high evolutionary purpose, always a step ahead of blows and a step away from disappearing within the system.

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