Pursuit Of Happiness

Searching For Contentment Pursuing happiness, contentment is one, if not the most important purpose of our lives. Still it is not easy to define what happiness means and how we can achieve it. All of us have many happy memories, we would all claim that we could generate temporary, happy emotional impressions at will. Still … More Pursuit Of Happiness

Added Value

  Fickle, Temporary Values When a person’s close family members pass away, while sorting, keeping or selling their material belongings one suddenly faces a striking revelation: there is absolutely no value in anything material, physical. A person while alive creates an extensive physical, material footprint in this world, which loses its vitality when the person … More Added Value

Resuscitating The Stillborn Baby

  Fast Sinking The world is in a great predicament today. We are sinking into a deepening global crisis, barbaric chaos is flooding even the highly developed western societies. We can’t find a solution for our explosive modern paradox, how to reconcile our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature with the fully integrated, completely interdependent system we evolved into. … More Resuscitating The Stillborn Baby

Climbing The Mountain Fuelled By Envy

  Anchored To Comfort Zone Although our natural tendency is inclined towards rest, taking holidays, staying within comfort zone, in order to grow and develop we can not stop, but have to keep changing, moving. We need to imagine our lives as a constant climb toward the peak of a high mountain. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying … More Climbing The Mountain Fuelled By Envy

Reading A Book

  A Good Book Reading a good book can seemingly transport us into another world. A skillful writer can create such a colourful story, “tasty” reality that the reader can feel oneself entering into that world, oneself playing the actions, living the lives the story portrays. A really good book can initiate such deep emotional impressions in … More Reading A Book

The Method

  Early Scientists Each great, several thousand years old culture has their legends, traditions, mythology describing the creation, origin of our world and the forces acting in it. Each are based very closely on natural laws, on intimate almost “insider” observation of how nature’s intricate system works. Interestingly when one puts the very original, fundamental “sacred … More The Method

Miracles In The Incubator

Path of suffering   Until today and even right now humanity has been developing instinctively, automatically lead by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. This nature with a simple operating software written on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” constantly drives us towards greater personal pleasures, while moving us away from real or expected painful stimuli. Since at the … More Miracles In The Incubator

Waste Recycling

  Nature’s Closed Integral System Modern humanity places great emphasis on recycling, waste management. We finally understood that we can’t just endlessly litter, poison our environment as we are destroying our own ecosystem making future unsustainable. Thus people started to become more conscious, responsible. We try to get rid of the waste we create through … More Waste Recycling