Dissolving Into The Force-Field

Feeling lost


People in this world are fully convinced about their individual freedom. So much so that we are ready to fight for this perceived freedom till the end, we are even willing to sacrifice our physical life for it.

But in truth we have absolutely no freedom at all. It is not enough that in a globally integrated and interdependent human environment we are tied together with multiple unbreakable chains. We are unable to fulfil even our simple daily necessity without involving tens, hundreds or even thousands of people in the process. (Just think about how many people from how many different countries contribute for a single cup of coffee drunk in the morning…)

We are also part of the human species that is fully integrated, embedded into nature’s integral ecosystem on this planet. And of course this planet is just a small, fully integrated dot within the vast cosmic Universe, or if we are to believe the latest hypothesis multiple Universes.

Within human society we are fully pre-programmed, managed by our genetic inheritance, our upbringing and education. And at any given moment we are brainwashed, manipulated by the actual environment we find ourselves in.

But underneath all this external picture, Universe, Earth, nature, human society, and our biological bodies there is a single force, force-field that influences, directs everything that happens. This force drives the wave of evolution the whole of nature develops by.

This force is responsible for maintaining the balance and homeostasis our physical lives and optimal development depends on. Moreover this force that spins the electrons in our cells, the creates the only difference if a body still exists in an “alive” or in a “dead” form without any obvious structural changes is an intelligent one, acting according to a very specific, determined plan, progressing towards a prearranged final state.

How do we know such a force truly exists?

Even our conventional sciences reached the state where none of their theories, models work without such an all-encompassing force, law that can bundle all known forces, observations, tying them to a single source. Leading physicists, astrophysicists are hunting for the “theory of everything”, peering into the cosmos or into the giant particle accelerators for answers.

But we keep doing so with no avail, moreover even our “simple” societal, economic and political systems we ourselves built are falling apart. We are too proud to admit defeat yet, thus we stubbornly try trusting the same failed “solutions” and theories again and again.

But regardless of religion or cutting edge science we all “know”, “feel” that there is a singular intelligent force, an intelligent purposeful plan that guides, encompasses all the infinite cause and effect processes, that could make sense of the chaos we feel ourselves in. We just simply can’t detect this concealed entity, this seemingly hidden coefficient yet.

Despite of our infinite pride we are desperately yearning to find this force, a plan, an “instruction guide to reality”. Fortunately there has been a few different, empirical, natural scientists among us for thousands of years now, who have been reassuring us that our suspicions are correct.

There indeed exists a single force with a single plan in reality. There indeed exists a true “theory of everything”, and if we prepare ourselves properly we have the capability of sensing, measuring and attaining this force and its plan here, in this world, in this lifetime.

Similarity Of Form


Sensing, researching, understanding all depends on the similarity in between the researcher and the researched. A radio receiver for example has to be tuned to the same frequency the desired broadcast is coming through. The unique receptors of our physical sensory organs have to match the sensory input in order to initiate a receptive signal.

Even in between people we can only – at least to a certain extent – understand each other, feel empathy towards one another if we went through similar experiences, felt similar emotional impressions. We feel closer to people who love and hate the same things we love or hate.

Thus in order to sense, research and understand that hidden, single force that permeates and governs our reality we would need to build the appropriate device that is tuned to its “frequency”.

Those empirical, natural scientists who already managed to start sensing and researching this force “from within” tell us the following:

1. The “frequency”, the qualities of this original, all encompassing force are selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and care towards everything. After all this force has put our perceivable, cosmic, living system into motion, drives evolution, facilitates the creation of life, while also facilitates surrounding the created life-forms with the most perfect, optimal system for their existence and development. If we look at the system of nature around us – without humanity’s influence – or even looking at how perfectly a healthy human body works, we can confirm these statements.

2. The device necessary for revealing and researching this altruistic, selflessly, unconditionally loving and caring force is not some high-tech gadget, or a giant, multi-billion dollar particle accelerator. It doesn’t matter what external device we use to perceive the world around us as long as we observe, “compute” the results with our inherently self-centred, subjective operating software, perception. The device that can reveal and understand nature’s primordial force and its plan is built from human beings who are ready and willing to change their inherent operating software.

Our purpose in this life is to reveal, research and attain the creating, evolutionary natural force.Which means revealing the qualities of this force inside of us, flowing through us, motivating, animating us, we have to feel ourselves acting like this force by becoming similar to it.

As they say the most effective language learning is through “immersion”. Similarly we have to immerse ourselves into reality’s single acting force-field that animates, moves everything so then we could start to “speak its language”. Then through that “common language spoken” we will be able to understand the force and its plan.

We have to become the perfectly tuned radio receiver, listening to that primordial, all permeating broadcast sustaining, enlivening the whole of reality, then we can learn how to “speak”, act like it.



Is this all possible? And who is the “us” that reveals, attains?

It is not possible to sense, reveal this altruistic, selfless, unconditionally loving and caring force through the nature we were born with, since we are all born inherently self-serving and self-justifying. By default we are incapable of making calculations for anything or anybody else but ourselves, and perhaps a for very tight, small circle around us.

And the “us” that can finally reveal and research is not the same personality, consciousness we observe reality now from. The new “us”, the new consciousness, observer is a completely new, mutual creature we ourselves have to bring to life.

Our present, fully egoistic, self-serving nature acts like a large stone, a heavy weight tied to us, pulling us back, not letting us rise above our own personal, selfish, gravitational force pulling everything towards ourselves. As a result we are unable to enter, sense the system, we are incapable of perceiving the dimension where that altruistic force governs. Thus somehow we would need to rise above, distance ourselves from this heavy stone, from this ballast holding us back.

First we need to understand that if the system of reality is truly perfect, and the force giving it life and governing it is truly loving and caring beyond comprehension, why were human beings created, why are we born with such an opposite, seemingly destructive nature, cancer-like operating software ruthlessly exploiting everything for ourselves?

All other elements from the tiniest particles to the greatest cosmological entities are seamlessly integrated into the vast cosmic system. They all automatically take part in its altruistic mutual guarantee, selflessly, unconditionally complementing, serving each other in order to sustain homeostasis, while blindly trusting the system for their own necessities, survival.

But since all of these comprising elements do this instinctively, by default, they have no awareness, conscious recognition of the perfection of the system. Not even the most developed mammals are aware of the magnificence of nature’s evolutionary system and its source as they have nothing to contrast, compare it with. For them existing integrated within the system is an “everyday” given.

Only human beings, born with an opposite nature, with a “heavy egoistic stone” tied to their legs, who are suffocating under the tyranny of their selfish and egoistic nature can appreciate a state of freedom, breathing for the first time above the murky, egoistic waves. This is why reaching similarity of form with nature’s system, revealing and attaining its potential force and its plan starting from an opposite nature can give human beings an unprecedented perception of reality

This process can give us true, objective, comparative research unavailable to any other creature, unavailable even to the “single dimensional”, inherently perfect creating force. Achieving such a state is the purpose of our lives.

The Human Laboratory


Since our fine tuning, “immersion”, learning the language of nature’s all encompassing force-field is about acquiring selfless, artistic, unconditionally loving and caring qualities over our inherently selfish, egoistic ones, such qualities are impossible to build, acquire alone. After all one needs subjects to care for, serve, to love.

And since we need to reach such qualities in a sharp, very obvious fashion in order to gain the necessity contrast, comparative research providing proper scrutiny; simply loving, caring for family members we have natural, instinctive love for is not enough. Our “loved ones” belong to our inner circle, loving them, caring for them still counts as “self-love”, as we don’t need to make extra, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – effort to reach that love and care.

Thus we need to create a unique human environment, a laboratory or “human particle accelerator” that is capable of helping people to give birth to that new, mutual “being”, the selfless, objective observer. This new expert observer will be the one listening to nature’s broadcast, learning to speak the language of reality’s single, all encompassing force.

The practical method in this “human particle accelerator” is simple in theory but very difficult to put into practice. In theory the purposefully selected, fully committed participants try with all their devotion, 100% effort to reach selfless, altruistic, unconditional service towards one another. From the very beginning they play-act, project towards one another the notion that they already reached that altruistic “supernatural” quality, trying to evoke envy, jealousy in the others, thus pulling and pushing each other towards their common goal.

With such mutual, artificial game in that closed environment they build a special atmosphere, that starts acting on them like special conditions in an incubator. Although this process starts as a game, their acting, their aspirations gradually become very real and serious. They start to truly desire to reach such selfless, altruistic, unconditional mutual care and love, as they receive from each other an insatiable, irrepressible yearning towards revealing and understanding reality’s single governing force.

And this is when the practical difficulties start.

Inner Struggle


The more serious the game becomes, the more committed they are, and the greater yearning they generate, the more they start recognising that inner ballast, the heavy stone tied to their legs pulling them backwards.

Until one truly wants to reach selfless, altruistic, unconditional service towards others one doesn’t have a clue about this deep, murky, completely selfish and egoistic nature that is our true matter. The ego, selfishness we usually meet with in our day to day life is just a small morsel, the tip of the iceberg compared to the real ego, fiercely selfish inclination that wakes up and starts working against us, when we truly want to become selfless and altruistic, making calculations towards others instead of ourselves.

Thus only from the moment this true ego, the real ballast becomes revealed can these unique, pioneer scientists in the human laboratory start working. This is when the contrast in between the inherently selfish nature and the yearned for, projected new selfless, altruistic inclination starts to form, appear providing the data for comparative research.

This is not the real expert observation yet, as they haven’t actually revealed the unique, all encompassing natural force yet, but working with their own mutually generated, imagined picture of selfless, altruistic, unconditional neutral already gives them something to discern.

Although this inner struggle, inner tension is initially an unpleasant sensation, as they stabilise themselves they start accepting it as a new, purposeful education process, providing them with unprecedented scrutiny, revealing observations, tastes, emotional impressions they never before experienced.

The Breakthrough


This inner struggle in between the increasingly, ever more deeply revealed inherently self-serving, egoistic nature and the constantly intensified mutual aspiration, yearning towards the new selfless, altruistic capability reaches a breaking point where the people in the unique human laboratory sense an unsolvable deadlock. Only through that deadlock do they start comprehending what true selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and care towards others mean.

They realise that being in altruistic, selfless service towards others doesn’t mean agreeing with them, connecting with them, accepting their opinions after analysing those opinions. There is no calculation or choice in an altruistic state. That state is beyond such choice or calculations since in selfless, altruistic service the self disappears, it is removed from the picture.

One starts existing, dissolving into those others as if one never existed. Agreement, comparison, choosing something still presumes the existence of a selfish, subjective point of view. But in order to become truly selfless and altruistic one needs to detach from such selfish, subjective point of view entirely.

One needs to become a drop of ink among the others that fully dissolves into water without a trace.

On Both Sides Of The Wall


On the other hand if someone lost one’s own original nature, viewpoint completely, the observer capable of objectively observing reality through contrasts would also disappear. Thus an interesting thing happens when these people mutually decide that whatever happens to them they are ready and willing to jump into the unknown vacuum of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of others.

This complete mutual agreement, willingness, jumping into the unknown against their resisting inherent nature gives birth to that new, mutual expert observer. Their mutual aspiration towards selfless, altruistic service of others, like different, separated cogwheels, elements of that unique, altruistic radio receiver assemble, merge together and it is this new device that enters the altruistic, selfless, unconditionally loving and caring force-field of nature’s single governing force.

Their inherent, stony, ballast-like egoistic nature remains outside providing the contrast, comparative research. But through that mutual, unique, well-tuned “radio receiver” they managed to “launch” inside the altruistic dimension they become capable of “listening” to the right broadcast, learning that new language.

This is the start of a new perception of reality, heralding a completely new level of human existence.

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