Resuscitating The Stillborn Baby


Fast Sinking

The world is in a great predicament today. We are sinking into a deepening global crisis, barbaric chaos is flooding even the highly developed western societies. We can’t find a solution for our explosive modern paradox, how to reconcile our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature with the fully integrated, completely interdependent system we evolved into.

Although seemingly we can’t hear a speech, or read an article without the “global world”, “global village” being mentioned, when it comes to actual actions, processes we still think that the rules governing global, fully integrated systems don’t apply to us.

We still stubbornly go ahead with our instinctively self-centred, greedy calculations, exploiting everything and everyone we can, enjoying success at the expense of others. We still believe we can “drill holes underneath others” hoping they would sink, not understanding that we are all sitting on the same boat, sinking and drowning together.


Failed “Solutions”

Individuals and nations all depend on each other, moreover there are no societies that would not have a very diverse internal multi-faceted mixture due to historic processes or recent mass migration.

And while western society tries diluting, dumbing down young generations so that such mixtures become easier to handle by creating uniform “zombies” out of people, it didn’t and won’t work with certain cultural, religious or national minorities that react violently to any such attempts of creating a “tasteless, colourless and mindless” multi-cultural “human being”.

The other attempt best observed through the European Union, trying to mutually interconnect diverse nations based on economic prosperity, infinite consumerism based on constant quantitative growth alone also failed.

Such “infinite profit, constant quantitative growth” economic paradigm that trickles down enough “riches” to the masses to keep them at bay with “circus and bread” cannot be sustained. 

This excessive, artificial, “aggregate demand” based economy and lifestyle is completely unnatural thus unsustainable, it has no right to exist in a closed and finite natural system where balance and homeostasis is regulated by unbreakable, “iron” natural laws.

Thus today we are struggling with global economic and financial crisis, “secular stagnation” where such “trickling down” dried up causing great inequalities in between and within countries producing growing unrest, tension. This seems unsolvable, irreversible without restarting growth but since such growth is unnatural it will not restart and we are running out of “bubbles to inflate”.

Most importantly human beings, societies can’t be changed, controlled through economy, trade since economy, trade is the external expression of the inner connections, inter-relations in between human beings, nations.

As the European Union example shows through its failure one can’t build a house by starting with the roof, one can’t control deep, visceral processes by changing the external clothing.


Natural Mutual Guarantee

Gradually we start to understand that contrary to previous beliefs humanity is not outside, above the natural system we evolved from but we are very much still within, bound by all of its laws, principles. Thus if we want to survive and continue our evolution we need to find a way of adapting to the system, integrating in it as the system is infinitely larger and stronger than humanity. Only we can change the system can’t, won’t.

The most fundamental principle, law in nature’s fully integrated system is mutual guarantee. Each comprising element regardless of size, function or apparent importance selflessly, unconditionally contributes towards the system with its maximum unique “talent” and capacity making each calculation based on the most optimal function, state of the whole collective. At the same time they blindly trust the system for their own individual fulfilment immediately accepting without resistance any adjustment necessary for sustaining the system’s balance and homeostasis.

This mutual guarantee is based on a constant and complete flow of communication and energy within the system where each comprising element from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies, cosmic objects are instinctively aware of the actual state of the system and what it requires from them.

In nature it all happens automatically, instinctively as none of the elements have any unique self-awareness that could disconnect them from this multi-dimensional communication and flow above time, space and physical motion. The best, closest example of this mutual guarantee in action is our own biological body and its healthy operation.


Constant Miscarriages

The obvious “problem” with humanity is the instinctive, proud and unique individual self-awareness each person is born with. We are all born without the instinctive sense of belonging, being part of mutual guarantee that is prevalent in nature. As a result we all feel ourselves abandoned by our “mother nature”, forced to cater for our own survival, ruthlessly, exclusively competing, fighting with the system and even among ourselves for resources and survival.

Thus humanity, that by evolution was supposed to become nature’s “dearest baby”, the most refined, qualitatively highest level living creature, the “prodigal son” reaching the height of the system, partnering its creating, natural, evolutionary force, keeps failing, self-destructing.

Our human evolution is a chain of recurring vicious cycles, always starting full of hope anew, only to run into similar, but deeper, more intense dead ends, global crisis situations where from only violent, increasingly more destructive explosions can we break our to try our luck again, only to fail again.

And while from nature’s, from evolution’s point of view each of these self-destructive failures are sensed as terribly painful miscarriages, we are not even aware of them. We just “shrug our shoulders” and blindly carry on, try to same failed attempts, building actions again unconsciously, following our imprinted selfish, and egoistic instincts. Up to this point we didn’t even have conscious free choice as our evolution unfolded in a fully instinctive, robotic manner.
New Awakening

Today on one hand a great amount of people are “waking up”, became aware of our very real dire strait, being in the 11th hour, moments before certain self-extermination. On the other hand as part of our evolutionary “fine-tuning” more and more people turn away from the usual, instinctive animate and social desires usually driving people.

These people can’t suppress the burning question about “meaning of life”, purpose of human existence. They are sensing how wasteful it seems from the otherwise perfect natural evolution to provide humanity with unprecedented, exceptional skills, analytic mind, seemingly omnipotent power only to use them for a lowly, animate existence, gradually destroying itself.

But this also instinctive awakening is not enough to create true free choice, shifting humanity’s evolution from a painful, suffering filled path to a conscious, extraordinary adventure. There is a need for a few, unique, pioneering scientists in a special human laboratory to properly diagnose the problem and then initiate a true, global solution.

Purposeful Self-Defeat In The Human Laboratory

This laboratory is truly extraordinary. The investigated entity, material; the tools, laboratory equipment; and the investigating scientists are all the same people, closing themselves into a fully committed, mutually supportive human circle.

Today it seems to be clear to great many people that the main axis, asking which we keep faking, causing humanity’s repeated miscarriages is our inherent inability to build the natural mutual guarantee above, despite our instinctively selfish, egoistic nature. But either we just look at this revelation, diagnosis as if watching a movie that doesn’t concern us, or we shrug our shoulders declaring there is nothing we can do as this is how we were born.

So the first step in this laboratory is to make this revelation, diagnosis of humanity’s self-destructive paradox, incompatibility within nature’s system “very real”, biting into our flesh. We can’t continue looking at these recurring miscarriages our species is going through as if it happened to our neighbour. We have to come to a real sense that it is our own baby that was born stillborn.

We have to create such a mutual work in the unique human laboratory among these fully committed, devoted people that they go through a real inception, pregnancy process, trying to lovingly create and nurture a common baby, the state of mutual guarantee in between them. They need to make such state, the ability of mutual, selfless and altruistic service towards one another so important, that everything else fades away from their existence.

And then, since by default they are trying to achieve a “mission impossible”, building a “supernatural” above the instinctive human nature from within that same nature, they will again and again reach the same aborted final result, refreshing even greater separation, rejection and hatred in between them.

Only a very special, purposefully designed method and the participant’s full devotion can use one’s own selfish, egoistic nature to try deleting itself, escaping itself only to run into the same impenetrable wall each time. Still such repeated, self-inflicted, seemingly masochistic failures are not futile, pointless.
Reaching Similarity

When the repeated failures, and stubborn, recurring attempts, when the desperate helplessness reaches a certain quantitative and qualitative measure, these unique, pioneering scientists break down, very clearly sensing that they have everything they had. They can’t move, not even their heroic ego can conjure up any further ideas, temptations to try experimenting again.

At the same time they invested so much into these repeated attempts, that turning, returning back to their previous life outside of the laboratory is incomprehensible. They are like completely heartbroken parents holding their stillborn baby in their hands unable to even shed a tear, competent broken, lifeless. The only remaining action is an elemental, instinctive, subconscious, unstoppable silent cry, bursting out like a volcano.

And this irrepressible, self-humiliating and self-nullifying pain, concern for humanity, unable to accept the seemingly inevitable self-destruction waiting for mankind suddenly creates such a pure, selfless, altruistic voice, frequency that matches the voice frequency of nature’s creating evolutionary force.

Through those failures, by reaching their utter, desperate helplessness, their pain, request being not for themselves, but crying for the life saving mutual guarantee that is the only available remedy for the terminally ill human species, they merit sensing the same pain, desperation within nature’s womb experiencing humanity’s miscarriages so many times.

And this painful, motherly similarity opens a direct channel in between these pioneering scientists and nature’s system. They are opening a tap, a well where from nature’s evolutionary force can stream through providing fresh, healing, live giving waters. Then an unprecedented life flow connects, seals the yearned for mutual guarantee and the small “Human Embryo” starts developing inside nature’s womb, finally avoiding further recurring vicious cycles and miscarriages.


Reaching Our Full Potential

Thus in order to correct human society, facilitating problem solving and survival – through guiding humanity’s seamless integration into nature’s system, making sure we don’t repeatedly abort our development, but continue until its prefect final state – we need to build the state of mutual guarantee within global human society with the help of the creating, evolutionary force.

Beyond simply solving problems, beyond safeguarding survival humanity enjoys an unprecedented evolutionary advantage by building mutual guarantee consciously, above and despite the instinctive program, self-centred inclination and perception.

The acquired duality, contrast sensing both the previous selfish “outsider” state and the newly acquired selfless “insider” position gives people unprecedented comparative research capability.

Thus – as is our destined evolutionary role – we can become the “independent”, fully aware, conscious mind of the whole cosmic, natural system becoming its benevolent guardians while enjoying a boundless, effortless existence.

Such existence is very far from the “heaven-like” state Hollywood movies usually projects as the duality, standing, balancing, researching in between two infinitely great pulling forces is a state of infinite tension, vibration.

We can learn this art of balancing and comparative research gradually, like children being slowly educated through trials and errors to become adults. Thus instead of being terrifying, threatening this constantly changing, vibrating state becomes an unimaginable, infinite pleasure, building and balancing the whole reality within our own hands.


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