Waste Recycling


Nature’s Closed Integral System

Modern humanity places great emphasis on recycling, waste management.

We finally understood that we can’t just endlessly litter, poison our environment as we are destroying our own ecosystem making future unsustainable.
Thus people started to become more conscious, responsible. We try to get rid of the waste we create through our usual lifestyle trying to restore some sort of a natural balance.
We also started to understand that the system we exist in is a closed, integral, natural system that is based on constant balance, homeostasis. In this integral system myriads of mutually complementing elements instinctively play their own crucial roles, selflessly contributing towards the benefit of the whole collective.
In such an integral closed system there are no such things as “good vs bad”, “useless vs useful” as everything “under the Sun” has its purpose, nothing exists randomly, accidentally.
Nothing new is created and there is nothing that we can get rid of.

All elements go through fundamental changes, evolution, certain metamorphosis. Some are temporary, transient forms leading to new, more developed ones, while others are already in their final forms unchanging for millions or billions of years.

In such a perfect, closed and integral system any seemingly wasteful product, excretion becomes nutrition, fertilization, foundation for other parts of the system creating a beautiful, intricate “circle of life”. This natural “waste management” is widely, openly visible in nature.

One of the most beautiful examples are the “sacred” cows in India, roaming freely, undisturbed, grazing from the dirtiest, most disgusting waste, rubbish on the streets and producing life giving milk out of it nurturing calves and humans alike.

Natural Perfection Vs Human Mutation

Nature’s system is perfect. All of its elements from the tiniest particles to the largest cosmic entities instinctively and most optimally interconnect and complement each other. They all run according to the same singular natural program maintaining balance and homeostasis within the “known” cosmic system.

There is a certain “mutual guarantee” in between all elements which means a selfless, unconditional service of the whole collective system above and many times against “personal or individualistic” calculations.
In such mutual guarantee there is no place for “self-care”, “self-concern” each and every element feels itself 100% cared for by the whole system like existing in the mother’s womb.

Thus the only existing concern is the best, most optimal contribution towards the collective system.
But humans are different.

Biologically we operate the same way, our cells, organs and the microbiome living within and surrounding us are all showcasing the same instinctive, natural operations, the same mutual guarantee. But above that “animate level” on a human, social level we behave very differently.

Human beings in their self-awareness are born outside of nature’s instinctive mutual guarantee. We don’t have that inherent sense of belonging, instead we all sense ourselves as unique individuals that are left to their own devices, forced to cater for their own necessities.

We are all proud individual “fighters”, heroes and pioneers responsible for our own survival. It is no surprise that for us Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is interpreted as “survival of the strongest hero”.

Thus we are all inherently and understandably self-serving and self-justifying. All our focus, concern is on self-preservation. The natural pleasure/pain principle, survival instinct in human beings operates solely for the benefit of the individual through introverted, subjective calculations.

Even our perception becomes like a “tunnel vision”, filtering reality around us purely according to the governance of this egocentric pleasure/pain operating software.

Broken Software

This human “error” or “mutation”, in other words lacking the sense of mutual guarantee, integration within the system leads to highly significant consequences.
On the positive side it gives people unprecedented freedom from the system, a unique external observer point. On the negative side being locked into the instinctive self-concern, self-service in a fully integrated and interdependent system gradually makes us as self-destructive as cancer towards the system and also towards our own survival.

Remnants of nature’s perfect original program actually exists within us as well, since we “were created” by and evolved from the very same system. The above mentioned “human mutation”, the missing sense of mutual guarantee disrupted this perfect software into pieces as if breaking up a continual, previously complete and prefect DNA chain.

This “human mutation” removed the interconnecting molecular connection, “mutual trust” from in between the pieces. And as humanity evolved, multiplied those fragments got scattered more and more among the individuals. We all carry certain parts of that program inside us but none of us have all the fragments thus on our own we can’t re-assemble the complete program to make it work again. And without that program we can’t find the way of re-integrating within nature’s system.

The Distorted Human Paradigm

Initially this “human mutation” and subsequent fragmentation, cancer-like behaviour wasn’t as obvious as it is today. People within the much smaller human population lived closely together on the family, tribal, village, city and even national level. They still managed to hold some instinctive mutual guarantee and a certain level of integration with nature.

The human ego, our desire to explore, get to know more, the desire to receive ever greater pleasure for ourselves has been growing constantly. As a result our individualistic self-awareness, self-esteem and alongside with it our mutual distrust intensified, thus exclusive competition began to evolve and the mutual ties connecting people together started to break down further.
Today on the surface we still live in societies, we live off each other, we trade, interact, we keep the laws of society. We even think globalization is man-made in order to facilitate trade, business.

But we only interconnect grudgingly, temporarily, always waiting for our chance to distort, exploit the system towards personal advantage, benefit. We want to succeed at the expense of others.
Each and every person behaves this way from the smallest, hardly visible levels and actions to the great, shocking corruptions, exploitation we observe at the top of the human pyramid.

Today we reached such a state that even the most fundamental human interconnection, the family model is also broken. We all sense ourselves living in a hostile, dog eat dog world.
As the ego and mutual distrust grew, and mutual integration within human society gradually evaporated, we got further and further away from compatibility with nature.

We lost any sense of our destined evolutionary role within the system, we forgot about our true natural necessities thus we invented new ones.
The new necessities we try to fulfill are all excessive and artificial in order to satisfy our insatiable egoistic, individual, selfish yearning for increasing pleasures. We also keep amassing more and more material, physical possessions proving our worth, superiority over others.

Drowning In Hateful Waste

Through this excessive, artificial lifestyle, exclusive ruthless competition we started producing more and more “waste” but the real problem is not the artificial, material waste we try to recycle or clean up today.
The real unnatural “waste” is the insane hatred, rejection, animosity and murderous intention we accumulated towards each other.

It is the result of our exponentially growing distrust, the result of our constant mutual fight, competition for survival and our constant attempts to prove our self-worth over others.
We all keep crawling back into our own corners, sinking into self-care, self-concern, watching over our shoulders in complete mutual distrust. We keep on accumulating, capturing anything we can get our hands on in our paranoia, pathological fear of each other.

Superficially we are suffering from obesity or other health related problems, depression, substance abuse, financial economic crisis or environmental disasters, and from potential or real wars. But in truth we are suffering from the poisonous relationships in between people, from the lack of integration, lack of mutual responsibility in between us.

Everything else is just the external signs, symptoms of this internal breakdown like superficial, seemingly unrelated symptoms of a raging, terminal cancer in a body.
Our history is none other but repeating vicious cycles always ending in crisis, revolutions, wars. And the time span in between those cycle-ending explosions is shortening while the explosions are getting more and more intense.
Today we are standing at the threshold of an unprecedented global explosion that could potentially wipe us all out, and the trigger could be pulled in many different fields and on many different levels of human activity.
Needing Unique Waste Management

Although fragments of that original perfect operating program still has remnants in us, these fragments are buried under the thick egoistic waste, like seeds buried in thick ash unable to grow vegetation.
It is the crucial mutual network between those sparks, DNA chain parts that is broken, disrupted by the waste, egoistic noise, thus the life giving flow, mutual communication, circulation in between them is impossible.

We are like organs, cells separated from the same body trying to survive on their own, trying to capture all the circulation, nutrition for themselves. Thus we are in great need of a very unique “waste management”, recycling our egoistic waste layer by layer until we can recover those fragments of the original software, DNA chain so it can be reassembled, reinstalled again.
At the moment when we are facing any problems in this world due to our mutated, egoistic, self-serving programming we sink into those problems trying to fight them, solve them by ourselves. And most of the time we end up either drowning in those problems or we keep aimlessly running away from them like animals running hysterically when lightning strikes.

Instead we would need a safe place we can run into prompted by such problems where those problems could be processed properly while at the same time we also learn how to rise above them.

Gradual Recycling

Great empirical scientists who managed to attain nature’s system from within, reaching similarity of form with it, entering the system without distorting it created a very special safe place, a unique laboratory or “waste processor” for this purpose.
They also described how this cosmic, natural, intricately integrated system is created and is driven by a single natural force.

Through evolution this force wisely and in an unstoppable manner guides the whole system towards its final, most optimal state. All our “problems” originate from and in turn solved by the same source. The “problems” simply show us how much we are still incompatible with the laws of nature’s system, how much we are outside of its mutual guarantee. Only mutual guarantee in between human beings could safeguard people to stay within the “safe limits” of the natural evolutionary path avoiding problems.

As we mentioned above humanity – out of its own “fault” – is born without this instinctive mutual guarantee, thus we find ourselves outside of the system, outside of those safe limits.

We also mentioned that on the other hand this “being outside” potentially gives us an unprecedented free, independent point of view.
Evolution’s unstoppable flow will drive the whole system including humanity to compatibility either coercively, through increasing “problems”, sufferings or by conscious adaptation. By using our independent viewpoint wisely, purposefully we can shift from the instinctive “path of suffering” to the wise and painless “path above instincts”. In this conscious path then “problems” become useful symptoms, milestones helping us on the path.

It is similar to a patient suffering from a serious disease welcoming with happiness as the illness is diagnosed with a unique, systematic MRI machine showing exactly where we the sickness hands the body. In other words we learn where we are still incompatible with nature’s system. Then using this crucial diagnostic information, passing it through the right processor – a “mutual guarantee generator” – we can start solving the problems and get closer to the ideal state.

Each time newer layers of our the sickness, incompatibility are revealed, ready to be processed progressing from the easier to heavier levels. Thus paradoxically each time we sense as if we became more ill than before as deeper layers of the “selfish disease” are received, as we dig into deeper layers of our egoistic waste. At the same time based on our gradually collected experience in solving the lighter layers we are more prepared, ready to dispose of the deeper ones.


Drawing Nature’s Force

The main purpose of this unique waste processor is drawing, attracting the healing influence of nature’s evolutionary force into the processor as only this single governing and acting force is capable of doing anything, solving problems.
This force understandably fulfills, covers the whole cosmic, natural system as everything is within its force-field.

Still humanity seemingly operates within an unusual “vacuum” as if nature’s force was missing from there. At least this is how we sense it as being incompatible, dissimilar to this force-field we are unable to sense it.

On the other hand this artificial vacuum preserves our free choice. We find ourselves in a unique, human desert, playground where from nature’s healing force, life giving force is missing.

The purpose of the waste processor is to open – by using our only free choice of entering and operating this waste processor – a gateway for nature’s healing force. With our mutual conscious and purposeful action we are like rolling a great blocking rock away from the opening of a life giving spring so it can water this human desert.

Work In The Waste Processor

This waste processor works the following way: a few, mutually committed purposeful people interconnect and perform different mutual exercises, activities in a closed environment.
During those activities with all their power, capabilities, using all talents, character traits they were born with – whether it is “positive or negative” – they try nullifying their own opinions, desires and thoughts allowing the opinions, desires and thoughts of the others to affect, influence and “brainwash” them.
Mostly they perform circular workshops on different topics, trying to find solutions for the “diagnosed” personal or collective problems arising in between them. During the workshops – keeping very specific rules – they nullify themselves towards the others and try building something new in the middle of their circle instead of following the popular, common arguing and debating.
At the beginning they use the usual corporal, physical problems, pains and complications as an excuse, as fuel to run into this mutual circle. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, trying to solve their problems by themselves they run into this new safe place in between them.

They initiate the usual corporeal remedies going to the doctor, to the bank, police, marriage advisor, different experts as everybody else, but alongside with it they immediately start the unique waste processor working in between them.
As they progress they start identifying different problems in between themselves, within the processor itself. These are various forms of rejections, disagreements in between them, finding it increasingly more difficulty to connect and nullify themselves towards one another.
Moreover they also find that they can hasten, provoke such internal problems, rejection, resistance to self-annulment by actively trying to connect more intensely, intimately, putting extra effort into their mutual work self-nullification each time making an extra step above their capabilities.
The more they try to nullify and interconnect the more they start feeling the selfish, egoistic waste resisting, obstructing their effort. Thus they find increasingly richer, heavier fuel for the waste processor. If they keep on working diligently, in a fully committed manner, they gradually find the initial external, corporeal problems losing their importance.

They start seeing that actually nothing is “solved”, changed on the outside instead they themselves change and start to observe, perceive the whole system of reality very differently.
In the meantime the internal problems, the different claims, excuses disrupting their mutual connections, their mutual progress in the “waste processor” become their primary focus. This is where their free choice lies, where they can control their progress.

Receiving Transfusion

As the work in the mutual waste processor progresses, the more the participants generate a great yearning to acquire the natural mutual guarantee, they realize that despite their 100% mutual effort they will never be able to reach the necessary mutual trust and self-nullification by themselves. They simply can’t rise above their own nature.
And they don’t have to.

Their committed, purposeful mutual effort will start drawing nature’s evolutionary force into their circle applying the finishing touches. It is this external force that will start creating connection in between those disconnected, broken fragments of the perfect natural software found in each of the participants.

After all through their mutual efforts for reaching mutual guarantee they reach certain similarity, adaptation to the plan of nature’s evolutionary force thus it immediately provides assistance.
Thus it is not enough that they work in a fully committed manner in between them, trying to achieve mutual guarantee through mutual self-nullification while processing their egoistic waste.

At the same time they need to expect, actively request the assistance from nature’s evolutionary force knowing that only that force can actually create the true connections in between them above their instinctive rejection.
As a result suddenly they start feeling never before experienced flow, circulation streaming through them, recycling, burning away those wasteful imperfections, problems, hateful rejection.

They start feeling that despite still sensing their instinctive inherent objections, rejections and excuses, despite still being anchored to their inherently selfish, egoistic behaviour, above it, as if “flying on a magic carpet” they become capable of the crucial self-nullification leading to absolute mutual guarantee.
In truth there is no magic in this. Working in this waste processor, bringing in all kinds of problems, grinding, chewing them through their mutual workshop and drawing the effect of nature’s evolutionary force into it resembles recycling poisonous waste into new, clean energy.

As they remove that waste layer by layer with the help of the natural force, the same force also becomes capable of reconnecting those broken operating program, DNA fragments, re-establishing flow, life giving circulation in between them.
This new life-force, circulation gives them the feeling of being lifted above their original selves. Through this mutual connection, flow they give birth to a new consciousness in between them.
As they progress, the deeper layers of the egoistic waste is processed and the more of the previously hidden perfect, natural software is re-installed.

The deeper they go the greater gap, abyss in between their original nature and their new acquired “above-instinctive” state, new consciousness becomes. Through their mutual support and work they keep choosing to perceive reality through that new “above instinct” consciousness instead of the old, inherent one.

Becoming Partners

Through this gradually increasing flow, repeated “blood transfusions” and the resulting state of intensifying mutual guarantee they achieve similarity, compatibility with nature’s system.

Here their concern, focus shifts again. They start to be concerned for the well-being, optimal function of the whole system. As they start revealing, understanding nature’s evolutionary force and its plan of evolution, they start to feel themselves as active partners.

Thus their fear shifts from their own state, and the state of their mutual processor to making sure evolution’s plan runs as smoothly and optimally as possible.
Their only yearning now is to see evolution’s plan freely unfolding in an unobstructed manner in the whole system, especially within the previously blind, suffering humanity stumbling from crisis to crisis in the desert.
Their main concern becomes facilitating the clear recognition, acceptance of this plan within humanity and that each and every person could clearly feel that this plan has always been perfect and the best possible scenario for everybody in the system. Any “problems”, “difficulties” or “obstacles” they keep revealing become like extra fuel and opportunity to keep the processor working at full speed, and on full flame for performing their partnering role with nature’s force at maximum potential.

Thus they start searching for newer and newer opportunities – like an old man constantly walking with bent back looking at the ground – trying to process all the layers of their thick waste mantle as quickly and efficiently as possible. They collect more and more waste, egoistic rejection, sustain the can sacrifice on that unique altar in between them.
And they know that the only real pain, suffering is a state when they disconnect from the system, when they leave the direct connection with nature’s evolutionary force and its flow. Because then they lose the opportunity to help, facilitate that flow.

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