Added Value


Fickle, Temporary Values

When a person’s close family members pass away, while sorting, keeping or selling their material belongings one suddenly faces a striking revelation: there is absolutely no value in anything material, physical. A person while alive creates an extensive physical, material footprint in this world, which loses its vitality when the person dies, leaving only empty, dead objects behind.

It is not enough that death reminds us each time that our physical existence is temporary and its beginning and end is almost completely out of our hands.
Even while still living we never know what comes next day regarding our health, physical existence. An unfortunate accident, a tiny scratch causing an untreatable infection, eating or drinking the wrong stuff or a disease that has advanced too far undetected can suddenly cut short our presence in this material reality.

At the same time when we try to evaluate, convert inherited or long held material objects into monetary value we realise such notion as “material value” doesn’t exist. It is us who make up those “values” deciding what is worth how much and such evaluation is always completely subjective.

Someone or a certain society decides about an object, artwork that it is valuable. Later the same or another society can simply wipe off that value by a simple decision, making a million dollar painting, sculpture, house or business worth nothing. Fashion, the subjective value system, priorities of societies changes all the time. In hard times, crisis situations a dry piece of bread, documents facilitating escape to safer location can be more valuable than the largest diamond or piece of gold. And when one can’t sell such “expensive” objects lacking ready buyers everything that was invested into the object becomes lost.

Our whole life is full of such illusory values. Art, culture, stock exchange, currencies, “worth” of celebrities, nations changes day to day. And even the greatest experts can’t fully predict or control those changes as they have no true “absolute material standards” or solid reason to stand on, since all evaluations are subjective. Bad news, unexpected decisions, leadership changes, election results can wipe out trillions of dollars from the illusory markets overnight, while nothing has actually happened or is actually happening in the “real” physical life. People keep going around their life, performing the same activities they performed the day before, while all markets, value systems might have crashed in the meantime.


Mistaken Life

Today we live in artificial, “made-up”, over-inflated bubbles which can tell us nothing about our actual life. We feel, think that these bubbles govern us because for decades, or even centuries we have been brainwashed that the “value/success” of our lives, our personal, family or national worth can be measured by material possessions, wealth.

Today we all succumbed to this virtual reality measuring health, “progress” by the “magical” quantitative growth, increasing profit, GDP figures and through the state of actual, financial or stock markets, financial institutions. And all the efforts around the world to “improve life”, “build a future”, stabilize, lead societies focuses only at those indicators and systems as if life could be fully defined by them.

We simply forgot what real life us about. We forgot that human beings are social, emotional creatures, and that true happiness, satisfaction comes from our human interconnections. It is true that one can illustrate love, affection, one can help and stabilize someone’s state through material presents, securities. But those are simply tools to improve, strengthen the connections in between us, to improve our emotional well-being that primarily depends on those interconnections.

Today we created a fetish around all these tools, around the most basic animate or social necessities, making them supremely important while our human interconnections, us being as “sentient Human beings” have become secondary, tertiary or completely ignored.

This is how the simple trade facilitating tool, money, currency and financial institutions handling them have become the most important “kings of our lives”. This is how food, something to provide simple nutrition has become a separate, “stand alone” fetish with a billion dollar industry behind it.

This is how the most intimate physical connection in between partners, important for bringing offsprings into life and even more importantly used to symbolize a truly loving connection in between lovers has become simply “sex”. “Sex industry” also worth billions of dollars and today people classify themselves by “sexual preference” changing this preference according to actual fashion. This previously very intimate activity has become openly screened, broadcasted, completely detached from actual “love”, true “partnership”. It is simply used as “another” – although highly marketable – unemotional activity one can chase to fulfill selfish desires with.

We allowed ourselves being led astray, stripping our existence of anything truly humane, making life a simple monetary calculation, where our “self” has simply become an account sheet stating if we are in credit or debt. We have become helpless slaves to monetary value, material possessions, wealth and profit.


Existing In Thin Air

We have been building a completely unnatural, lieful bubble within nature’s system, that system is built on strict, unbending natural laws, thus our false bubble has no right to exist and subsequently  it has started to fall apart. We already have experience from distant and recent past how our prideful materialistic world can crumble from one day to the next, showing us clearly what material wealth truly is: thin air.

Going back to the example of sorting material belongings of loved ones passed away there it becomes very clearly, sharply obvious that the only values those left behind objects hold, are their emotional added value. The only reason worth keeping those lifeless objects is that emotional add value, because they remind us to people we connected to, eto vents we mutually participated in, memories which are dear to us. Many times it is the most simple, seemingly “worthless” pieces that we decide to keep while we pass on or sell the more “valuable” ones.

If this is not enough to convince us about the worthlessness of anything material, we can also look at our biological bodies we cherish so much. All through our lives we desperately try improving, changing, reshaping, chemically enhancing this body, extending its life as long as possible without actually considering for what purpose we want to stay alive for. At the same time if we somehow took out all the air and water from within our cells comprising our bodies, the actual “solid material” could be compressed into a cube we wouldn’t be able to see. Similarly the whole “solid material” of the Universe could be compressed into ridiculously small size. We also already know from quantum physics that at particle level the distinction in between existence as a material particle or a “thought/emotion-like” wave disappears.

All our existence might be nothing else but a thought.


The Need For New Values

When the almost exclusively air and water filled cells, organs in our bodies interconnect, they establish a circulation, communication, life-flow in between them and such flow provides us with consciousness, a sense of existence. When such interconnection, circulation, communication and flow stops, although the same cells and organs are still there as they were second ago, our sense of existence, consciousness is gone and all those air and water filled cells and organs loose any value, meaning and start rotting away immediately.

This should make us think about our own lives, what actual “existence”, “being alive” means, and what levels of existence, consciousness it is possible to reach.

As we mentioned above, at certain occasions we are reminded about the “true added value” of things, objects which is their emotional content. And such emotional content always comes as a result of people connecting to one another. People who went through terrible experiences in life like wars, natural disasters sometimes remember such occasions more fondly than times when they had seemingly everything materially possible. It is the “superhuman”, “above reason” mutual support, solidarity, sacrifice for one another that sweetened those darkest possible occasions, engaging them into memory in a sweetened, positive manner.

When seemingly everything “goes well” and people’s material life is “under control” it is difficult to convince them to search for the inner meaning, search for the added emotional value beneath the temporary, fickle material one. But today our material security is severely shaken, very serious economic and financial crisis is looming, while even large scale wars, social tensions, uprisings are a serious possibility again even in western democracies. If we are wise we can preempt those potentially dangerous, explosive scenarios and start focusing on the mutual emotional wealth we can extract from fundamentally different, positive and mutually complementing human interconnections.

It is not even a moral, ethical or ideological question any more and in truth nobody is actually asking us. Establishing different human relationships, building a global human society on such mutually complementing interconnections is an evolutionary, survival necessity.

New, Adapted Human Society

Contrary to popular belief humanity still exists within the vast, cosmic natural system which is fully integrated and interdependent. After our initial few thousand year maturation period, where we behaved like children in an open, seemingly unsupervised toy store, today humanity as a species also evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent state.

Thus in order to survive in this vast natural system that is very finely balanced by unbending natural laws, we need to adapt to the system. And such adaptation is only possible through rebuilding human society based on qualitatively different human interconnections, providing and safeguarding the state of mutual guarantee that is the basis for homeostasis.

Our materialistic, consumerist bubble, shell will fall away like eggshells when the chick is born, the cocoon will break apart before the butterfly emerges. But while this apparent “crisis” liberates us from the artificial system we built so far, we have to proactively build the necessary, mutually complementing collaboration in between us in order for that “chick, butterfly” or new Human society to become viable before the shells fall away completely.


New Life

All this goes beyond simply emerging from a global crisis, fending off wars, revolutions and securing our continuing existence, ongoing evolution in this world. Similarly how the proper interconnections of our biological cells, organs give rise to our individual human consciousness, through the proper, mutually complimenting human collaboration within human society we can build a new consciousness, new life-form.

That brand new Humane society that could emerge from the ruins of the collapsing materialistic society, can offer us a qualitatively higher, unprecedented, effortless existence. Through selfless, mutually, unconditionally serving cooperation we could enter an unprecedented common, multidimensional “matrix”, and become a human “super-organism” with a collective mind, collective consciousness capable of quantum perception, never before experienced problem solving capability.

Moreover through the similarity of form reached such a human “super-organism” could “hack into” nature’s infinite database, viewing the process of evolution from its beginning to its end attaining all cause and effect processes understanding all intricate details. As a result similarly to our body we wouldn’t experience, perceive life on the “single-cellular” level, but we would acquire an unlimited systemic perception, consciousness above time, space and physical motion, above physical life and death.

We have the opportunity, the practical method and the historic, evolutionary conditions to make the transition from the selfish, limited and artificial material existence to a selfless, infinite emotional one.

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