Spice Of Life

Pleasure, But Mostly Pain…

Our basic matter driving us, keeping us alive is the desire for pleasures, a desire to fulfill our necessities. This determines our operating software which is “written” on a fully self-centered “pleasure/pain principle”.

While our main aim is the reception of pleasures, to reach absolute contentment for ourselves, still the strongest emotion, the most efficient state driving us forward is fear of pain. While pleasures can pull us forward intensely for a short period of time, their attraction, strength is fickle. Moreover as soon as we received the desired pleasure, fulfilment the driving force, the yearning fades away and we even feel satiated, turned off, unable to move for a while.

On the other hand fear of real or expected pain, fear of losing something we have, or fearing the inability to fulfill our necessities keeps us moving and acting relentlessly, many times even beyond natural abilities.

Adrenalin Rush

This is easy to observe in the animal kingdom, how both prey and predator are in a constant state of readiness, in a “good” state of stress, living through the survival reflex driving them either to constantly hide, run away from the predators, or chase the necessary kill for survival.

Their life is constantly about living on the edge in between death or survival. The endless adrenalin rush provides a heightened sense of existence with full tastes, colors, discernments.

Also regarding human beings it is our fear of death that gives our life a true dimension, volume, taste and excitement. This is easier to observe in countries where success or failure is a real existential question in a very sharp manner in everyday life. In countries like India there are no safety margins, or western style social nets. Everything is direct, black or white.

Whether we look at the traffic, or trade, business, or simply fulfilling one’s daily necessities, each day is another fight for survival despite the country itself progressing, developing at a breakneck speed. Life is a constant, endless negotiation, give and take, cramming 48 hours of action into 24 hours.

Again the resulting surge of adrenalin, all protective, survival reflexes in action constantly, provides a very sharp but at the same time fulfilling, rewarding life experience. Many Western people can’t understand how people living in real or relative poverty, fighting for survival day to day can be happy, content with their lives. 

But living on the edge, in between death or survival, successfully navigating the daily challenges provides a much greater contentment than all the artificial and mostly obsolete riches we created.

In our Western societies we softened such survival instincts by surrounding ourselves with all kinds of securities, comfort zones, insurances, wrappings. We have become couch potatoes, “armchair warriors”. As a result, especially young people started to search for alternative sources of the adrenalin rush heightened living experience.

People search for “adrenalin sports”, they take different substances, actively seek danger. Leading professional sportsmen living on the edge of human performance, at the limits of human abilities simply can’t retire, needing that sense of constant danger, constant stress. There are also many soldiers who after returning from a difficult duty request another round, as they can’t settle back into a normal everyday life.

Second Nature

But in truth we don’t need to live constantly on the edge, challenging life or death in the physical life through the above mentioned scenarios, in order to have such sharp, multi-colored, high resolution sense of existence. Moreover human beings actually have the ability to sense life on a qualitatively higher, unlimited level, in a true quantum dimension.

At the moment we live life in a simple, “flattened” dimension, simply obeying our self-serving, self-justifying nature. We simply draw everything towards ourselves like a black hole. Our life, perception is centered around our self, this conscious observer “self” sitting in the center of a subjective time, space and physical motion coordinate system. All the above mentioned adrenalin rush is based on the state and experiences of this selfish, egoistic observer.

Human beings have the opportunity and capability of acquiring a second nature on top of the inherent one. This second nature is opposite to the inherent one. While we are inherently self-serving and self justifying, we could acquire a fully selfless, altruistic nature above the inherent program.

Splitting The Atom

As a result of this unprecedented duality, which can only be compared to the state of “splitting an atom”, generating incomprehensible tension, energy through such fissure, we could find forces, excitement, explosive tension at our disposal that dwarfs all the possible adrenalin rush activities that exist in our regular lives.

We could imagine driving two 1000 horse power sports cars at the same time, or trying to ride and subdue two raging bulls at a rodeo simultaneously. In our case the forces we are talking about are incomparable to anything we have ever experienced in our lives. We would be splitting, fissuring the very atom, particle that preceded the Big Bang.

In truth what we are “splitting” is our own perception of reality, in order to become capable of observing and understanding the two fundamental forces available in reality.

The Big Bang created four fundamental forces in nature as far as our contemporary sciences can tell us. First gravity appeared and then gradually the other three fundamental forces emerged. But as all ancient wisdoms and also our contemporary sciences can tell, in essence there are two major opposite forces acting. One is the force of reception, or gravitational force pulling everything towards itself. The other one is the force of giving, bestowal, a force that points, rejects and acts away from itself.

Balancing Act Above Time And Space

Human beings are born from, and exist in the force of selfish reception. We are all like individual black holes with their own, personal gravitational force-field. Instinctively we can only operate within this force field and thus our perception of reality is completely selfish, subjective, pointing towards itself.

By generating an opposite nature, inclination, that is selfless, altruistically giving, caring towards others, pointing away from the “self”, we could start revealing, observing and understanding the other operating force in reality that is hidden at the moment since we have no similarity with it. And revelation, understanding can only happen through similarity of form, similarity of qualities.

We can actually generate such a second nature on top of the inherent one using a unique “human particle accelerator”. In a purposeful, mutually committed and mutually supportive, small and closed human environment, people devoted towards the same goal can achieve the above mentioned duality.

As soon as they reach a certain quantitative and qualitative threshold through their mutual efforts, the duality appears and they can start the real work in between the two potential forces. They start with very weak interactions, only revealing superficial layers of their egoistic nature balanced by the mutually generated altruistic one. As they stabilize, balance the two contradicting forces and gain confidence, they can dive deeper and deeper until they reach the full depth and strength of those primordial forces leading back to the Big Bang.

This constant tension, balancing act in between the two, initially incomprehensible, immeasurable force-fields is the true “adrenalin sport”, the true spice of life, leading, elevating people out of their usual, corporeal existence, high above the coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

We can actually trace evolution back to its original starting point in one direction, while in the opposite direction we can also trace it to its final, most optimal, future state. We do that by keeping that gateway, wormhole, “splitting the atom” open in between the two contradicting natural forces through our mutual, “human particle accelerator”.

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