Returning To Perfection

Out Of The Womb

There is no greater perfection than the embryo’s life within the mother’s womb. Absolute, selfless, unconditional love is surrounding this little, developing life-form until birth. All of its necessities are immediately and most optimally fulfilled without any questions, without any need to ask for such fulfilment.

There is only one condition that is missing to make this truly the ultimate perfection: the embryo is not aware of its state.

Our real awareness, recollections only start after we left the mother’s womb, after we already lost that perfection. In fact our consciousness, our full awareness of our state of existence takes a long time to develop. By the time we reach a full awareness of who we are, what we are and what kind of world surrounds us, we perceive ourselves very far from that absolute perfection.

And despite the warm loving parents, extended family that surrounds the newborn baby and the small developing child – in optimal scenarios – by the time we go to school we start to sense the full extent of the human tragedy of “leaving the womb”.

Existing In A Hostile World

We start sensing ourselves in a volatile, hostile world where everybody fights, competes 24/7 for their individual survival. We all try to succeed at the expense of others. All our upbringing, education and the constant brainwashing, the values, goals we receive from the actual society we exist in prepares, drives us towards such a combative, ruthless existence.

Nobody, not even close family members can fully trust each other in a way that they reach the same connection that existed in between mother and her embryo before birth, or in between twin siblings within the womb.

This state is especially distressing since in reality we are still surrounded by the same warm, unconditionally caring mother’s womb as before. The vast, cosmic natural system that surrounds us is that womb. It is set up in the most optimal manner to support us, care for us, nurture us the most perfect way possible.

But we don’t feel this, we feel the exact opposite, feeling that what surrounds us is this dog eat dog world where only the “fittest, strongest” individuals or species can survive. It is of course another matter that we could never actually define what “fittest and strongest” in that context actually means.

Out Of Mutual Guarantee

Nature’s vast, cosmic system is perfect because it is based on the principle, state of mutual guarantee. In that state each comprising element, regardless of size, presumed importance – from the tiniest particles to the vastest cosmic entities – selflessly, altruistically and unconditionally serve and support each other.

Only such altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration – while blindly trusting the system for self fulfilment – is capable of maintaining the crucial balance and homeostasis, without which life and optimal development is impossible. The best and closest example of such altruistic integration, mutuality is our own biological body with its trillions of cells, trillions of microbes comprising a single entity, providing foundation to the consciousness we consider our “self”.

But human beings, as the next evolutionary state above animals, are born without the instinctive sense of mutual guarantee. We don’t feel inherent belonging to the system, it is the contrary as we feel completely outside, against the system. This sense of individuality, separation is the root of all of our problems.

Nature’s Unconscious Perfection

Seemingly this “human mutation”, our individualistic separation is driving us towards self-destruction. On the other hand it is this separation, outsider status is what gives us the opportunity to consciously, proactively return to the perfect state in the “mother’s womb”, while acquiring a full, infinite awareness of it.

One who is born to and remains in perfection can never appreciate that state. Around human beings the whole, vast, cosmic natural system is in such a state. They are all instinctively parts of the “circle of life” without any individual sense of existence.

An animal being hunted, becoming a prey fights until the last moments through the inherent survival reflex. But it doesn’t lament, mourn or even consciously sense the loss of individual life. They sense life as being part of the system, unconsciously “knowing” that them being eaten serves the system in an optimal way.

It is the same with the cells, organs in our bodies. They are created, removed, switched on and off according to the actual need of the body. Only the overall health, existence and optimal development of the whole counts.

This also defines to us what “fittest, strongest” means in terms of evolution. Only species, elements that are fit to integrate fully into the system, in a perfectly complementing manner, only the ones that are strong enough to overcome their individuality in order to facilitate such complementing integration deserve to survive and continue evolving.

The inanimate, vegetative and animate parts of the system exist as selfless parts of that fully integrated collective without any conscious, individual recognition. The destiny of the human species is to become the completely conscious, objective observer, judge of the perfection.

Unblocking The Channels

Thus it is our perception of reality is what we need to change realizing that we indeed still exist within the same prefect conditions as we did while still inside our mother’s womb. We can only do so by building the same mutual guarantee within human society that exists within nature’s vast system around us.

Through such mutual guarantee we could start feeling the life giving, altruistically loving and caring force of nature flowing, streaming through us. By the acquired selfless, altruistic mutual interconnections we build we could unblock the channels that can facilitate such flow.

By removing our instinctive self-concern, self-protection, inherent inclination towards ruthless, exploitative competition we act like removing a blocking stone from the mouth of a social, primordial spring that supplies that life giving flow.

Moreover by reaching similarity with the natural system through mutual guarantee humanity could seamlessly integrate within the system. We could thus become the transparent, objective, uncorrupted observers, guardians of the whole system.

Reaching The Meaning Of Life

Obviously such fundamental, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – changes can’t happen in the whole of humanity at once. But we can start the process through small, purposefully assembled circles, where dedicated, fully committed people start building mutual guarantee, using a unique practical method through an authentic guide.

Rebuilding our sense of existing in the mother’s womb, sensing the absolute, unlimited and infinite perfection of reality – starting with such small circles as seeds, gradually encompassing the whole of humanity – is the meaning, purpose of our lives.

By reaching similarity of form with the system and its life giving force-field we fully deserve the identification of “Human”, meaning “similar” in Hebrew.

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