Embryo And Mother

Human Tragedy Although we are not consciously aware of this, the greatest, single most important tragedy of our human lives is leaving our mother’s womb. The state of the embryo within the mother’s womb is the most perfect, most optimal possible state a living being can be in. All necessities, desires are immediately and perfectly … More Embryo And Mother

Returning To Perfection

Out Of The Womb There is no greater perfection than the embryo’s life within the mother’s womb. Absolute, selfless, unconditional love is surrounding this little, developing life-form until birth. All of its necessities are immediately and most optimally fulfilled without any questions, without any need to ask for such fulfilment. There is only one condition … More Returning To Perfection

Sixth Sense

  Finding Ourselves In A New Paradigm We perceive this physical world through our five physical senses. Today through our personal experiences, and through scientific revelations we start to understand that the reality we actually perceive is highly subjective, personal. It is not enough that our physical senses are each individually “tuned” with smaller or … More Sixth Sense

The Womb

  Loss We all come to life through our mothers. We all get conceived, nurtured, grown inside our mother’s womb. Of course since this process is natural, “automatic” we are not fully, consciously aware of it, we take the whole process for granted. It is usually not until we lose our biological mothers either physically, … More The Womb