Building Ourselves

Instinctive Development There is a saying, that “one can’t pull oneself up in the air by pulling one’s own hair”. On the other hand if we want to develop in a fundamentally self-changing way, if we want to break into the truly “Human” degree from our present, instinctive”humanoid” state, we will need to pull ourselves … More Building Ourselves

Returning To Perfection

Out Of The Womb There is no greater perfection than the embryo’s life within the mother’s womb. Absolute, selfless, unconditional love is surrounding this little, developing life-form until birth. All of its necessities are immediately and most optimally fulfilled without any questions, without any need to ask for such fulfilment. There is only one condition … More Returning To Perfection

Mutual Guarantee

Mutual Guarantee Through Blood Traveling outside of western societies, for example in countries I had the privilege of visiting recently like Samoa, India one finds very different social arrangements compared to what we are used to. In such countries “trust”, “security” or “insurance” still means a solely social, human “contract” in between people. For example … More Mutual Guarantee


Predictable Nature In Asimov’s  famous “Foundation” books the the main character Hari Seldon develops a science called “psychohistory”. This science allows people to create an accurate “prophecy”, in other words precisely predict the direction and even events of human history in advance, based on mathematical formulas. The only condition is that the sample size for … More Prophecy

The Mindless Pump

Harmful Intelligence We usually consider ourselves mindful, intelligent creatures. If we were asked which body part, organ we would associate ourselves with, most people would probably choose the brain. This is understandable as we are born with a unique analytic mind. We are very proud our our logical, reasoning capabilities. Quiz shows, debates are most … More The Mindless Pump

Eating The Cake

Uncontrollable Nature We are born with an absolutely self-serving, self, justifying and greedy nature. If we want to find an economic equivalent to describe ourselves, we are prototype raw capitalists, ready to sell, exploit anything for constantly increasing personal profit.We truly want to bake the cake and eat it too. With such an inherent nature … More Eating The Cake

The Jedi That Reconnected To The Matrix

Crushing Responsibility Taking responsibility for others is not easy. Even when we become parents it takes a long time, especially for new fathers, to start feeling a direct responsibility for their children. For the mothers the bond built during pregnancy makes that sense of responsibility easier to reach. Still it is a question whether we … More The Jedi That Reconnected To The Matrix

Who Am I?

 Who Am I?  I think, I feel, I am convinced that I live in this world surrounded by other people, animals, plants on this planet we call Earth. But actually the “I” I associate myself with doesn’t exist. There exist a few unique, empirical, natural scientists who tell me that I was created by a single, … More Who Am I?

Sixth Sense

  Finding Ourselves In A New Paradigm We perceive this physical world through our five physical senses. Today through our personal experiences, and through scientific revelations we start to understand that the reality we actually perceive is highly subjective, personal. It is not enough that our physical senses are each individually “tuned” with smaller or … More Sixth Sense