Who Are We Praying To?


Praying Out Of Fear, In Concealment

There are billions of people who are praying daily, many are paying multiple times a day. People pray as a matter of habit, being educated, brought up that way, some truly believing in an intimate communication with a “higher force”, some simply paying lip service with a prayer.

There are people who don’t pray regularly but pray as an instinctive reflex, when finding themselves in painful, desperately helpless situations. And there can be other, “needy” reasons why people turn to a presumed external, omnipotent source.

What is common in such prayers is that people turn to, pray to some “distant entity” out of fear.

They are fearing that without their openly or silently expressed prayers, their fate either in “this life”, or in the “afterlife” – following the passing of their physical bodies – will suffer, unless they receive “supernatural” assistance from such external, higher force. They either fear losing something they shady have, or that they can’t receive something they need.

Although many people praying claim they receive answers to their prayers, some even feel they are in constant communication with the higher force, they can’t prove such direct communication to others in an empirical, scientific manner. Most don’t even make attempts to remove the concealment, they don’t try directly revealing the helpful, external force here and now.


Searching For Purpose

There are other people for whom prayer means something very different.

These are people who are not content with praying to a hidden force out of habit, or turning to it at times when they can’t cope with their lives, or fear what might happen to them after physical death. These are people who can’t suppress the burning question about their purpose in life.

They want to research, fully attain the system of reality, finding and fulfilling their own place, role in it. And this also means they need to find and understand a beginning, a source behind the whole system. They also want to reveal and understand the intelligent plan this source created for the system’s evolution.

Such people sooner or later start a path of exploration, which sooner or later leads them to a method that promises practical help for their quest.


The Need For Similarity

The authentic method – developed by empirical scientists who already managed to reveal, research and attain the system of reality, connecting to the source and observing its plan – reassures those seekers that indeed there exists a very precise, infinite coordinate system with a predetermined, purposeful developmental plan.

They also reassure the aspiring researchers that anybody with the true, insatiable desire to reveal the source and its plan can succeed in this search.

And finally they explain that there are some very specific, unbreakable laws, principles people need to know about and keep, in order to succeed in this existential exploration, journey.

The most important of those laws, principles is the law of similarity of form. It means that any revelation, understanding requires at least a certain level of similarity of form in between the researcher and the researched.

One can not access, enter a closed system without knowing the proper codes for the gateway. One can not communicate with others without speaking the same language. One can not judge, understand another without “standing in the shoes” of that other, without seeing the world through the eyes of that other.

Thus anybody who wants to enter the system of reality, going “behind the screen”, sensing, researching the system from within has to acquire the code for the gateway, the right frequency the system is working, broadcasting on.

And if one wants to get to know and fully understand the source of the system that person needs to learn thinking, seeing, acting exactly like that source.


Mutual Guarantee And Altruistic Love

The system of reality – as we can ascertain even through our limited, superficial and subjective observation of the vast natural reality around us – is based on the “frequency”, principle of mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee means a relationship in between the comprising elements of a closed living system, where all elements selflessly, unconditionally and altruistically serve and support each other, only making calculations for the well-being and optimal function of the whole collective.

At the same time each element blindly, unconditionally trusts the collective for their own survival, even if the collective needs their individual restriction or removal from the system.

Without a sensitively maintained mutual guarantee homeostasis, balance cannot be maintained. And without homeostasis and balance life, the optimal development of the system is impossible. We can watch this process “live” within our own biological bodies.

The source, the single creating force of nature’s evolutionary system in its essence is pure, unbounded love and care, creating life and providing the most perfect conditions for the created life forms to develop and fulfill their natural necessities. After creating nature’s evolutionary system this force guards and assists the system as a “loving, doting mother” gently guiding them towards a perfect, final state.

When people “pray” they consciously, unconsciously hope to tap into this unconditional motherly love for help, support.

People who want to enter and research the system of natural reality – through reaching similarity with it – would need to acquire such similarity through mutual guarantee. And if they want to reveal and attain the system’s single, creating and governing force, they would need to acquire its qualities of unbounded, altruistic love and care.


Mutual Prayer

Mutual guarantee is state that obviously only can be achieved mutually, collectively. One person individually can’t achieve anything mutual, thus similarity with the system of reality can only be reached in a purposeful, mutual circle of people working collectively.

Similarly the altruistically loving, caring qualities of the source can only be acquired in such mutual circle, otherwise people wouldn’t have the chance practice that loving, caring attitude in a practical, tangible manner.

Thus the sitting researchers who want to enter the natural system of reality and in it reveal, attain its source with its evolutionary plan, need to set up a unique human environment, human simulator. There they can practice mutual guarantee, mutual, selfless and altruistic love and care towards one another, until through the reached similarity they achieve their goal.

Since each and every human being is born with an inherently selfish, egoistic nature that is the direct opposite of what they hope to achieve, they need external, “supernatural” help for achieving their collective goal.

Although in their committed, purposeful circle they can combine, intensify their desired mutual purpose, building a burning, insatiable, irrepressible yearning for the necessary mutual guarantee, at the end of the day by themselves they can’t change their inherent nature.

Only the same source that created them with their inherent nature is capable of giving them a new, second nature.

Thus these committed people, in this purposeful, mutual circle also reach a prayer out of despair and fear.

But their prayer is very different. They are in despair and fear that without such extraordinary, external help they will never reach their common purpose. 

They pray not for selfish reward, reassurance about their fate in this or in the next life. They don’t pray for remedy for some personal problem or ailment. 

They pray for a fundamental self-correction so instead of their inherently selfish, egoistic nature, which they can’t overcome by themselves, they receive a new, selfless, altruistically serving, loving nature. Their “prayer” is in essence an honest self-assessment, defining, measuring the gap in between their present, actual, selfish state, and their next, more optimal, selfless state, progressing towards the necessary similarity.


The “Temple” And The “Creator”

The “Temple” these people are “praying”, where they can measure thrives, performing that honest self-assessment is their mutual circle. Only through the mutual connections in between them, where they want true mutual guarantee to appear, can they measure how successfully they reached the necessity altruistic, selfless service of each other.

They want to reach that state so through the similarity acquired they could reveal and understand the source of treasury and its evolutionary plan.

And since they can only reveal that source by becoming similar to it, by attaining its characteristics, qualities in effect it turns out that they don’t pray to some external force at all.

Just like we never actually detect electricity in its essence, but we detect its effects, its actions in a suitable device powered by electricity, people can only detect nature’s creating, evolutionary force by sensing its surge, flow through those altruistic mutual connections they build by mutual guarantee in between them.

Thus people reveal and attain the source when they become similar to it, when they start acting like it. Which means that people in their mutual circle, in their unique “Temple” pray to, expect assistance from their own future corrected, upgraded form.

They turn to their next more optimal, mutually selfless and altruistic image they themselves existing, acting more like the source.


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